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Rosamaria is an experimental playwright, poet and screenwriter from Boston, MA. She writes for both indoor and outdoor stages, and is an alumn of Company One Theatre of Boston. Her latest poem, "Aunt Mariana's Dream", was published in Truancy Magazine in 2019. Her short play, Zoe and Eddie. Zoom, was included in the Smith and Kraus Anthology, Laughter is the Best Medicine, December 2021. Rosamaria is currently working with Nuisance Barking Productions filming her new project, a short horror, "Viola".

Jenn is a psychic medium who has lived in Indiana her entire life. She began having experiences with spirits at the age of 7. In 2009 she and her husband Steve began doing paranormal investigations and quickly formed their own group with some of their closest friends. Jenn felt at home connecting and communicating with the spirit world. It wasn't long before she had others asking her to teach them to connect to the other side and to help them develop their gifts as a psychic medium. Jenn is also a healer, she is a reiki master/teacher, LaHoChi teacher, Crystal healer and much more. For more information about Jenn please visit

Tina Stümpfig is a psychologist and experienced Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, working with people and animals. The author of Jin Shin Healing Touch: Quick Help for Common Ailments, she offers individual treatments, Jin Shin Jyutsu trainings, and workshops. Tina lives in Wangen, Germany.

Laura Hedlund, host Food Freedom Radio

Laura envisions a food system respectful of water, soil, planet and people. We work towards a historic transformation. How do we move from food production being a source of economic, social and ecological destruction? How do we move towards a food system which is a source of clean water, healthy soil, and a toxin-free environment?

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Alisa Pospekhova is the founder of Kindroot, an innovative brand of functional plant-powered lozenges. She’s also a health and wellness enthusiast, avid yogi and an aspiring herbalist. Having felt the transformative power of holistic nutrition and plant-based supplements for management of her own auto-immune condition, she set out to develop a line of fun and accessible supplements that people would actually look forward to taking.
Prior to launching Kindroot, Alisa spent 15 years building and managing healthy food, wellness and beauty brands across the globe, holding senior-level marketing positions at Unilever, The Wonderful Company, Nestle and Manduka Yoga. Alisa lives in Seal Beach, California and in her free time continues her education in holistic medicine, herbalism and yoga.

Kristen Wertenberger is a sound healing practitioner based in Minneapolis, MN. Her work is rooted in the geometry and mathematics of Intelligent Design. She offers sound baths and education at various locations around the Twin Cities. More information may be found at