What’s RSS?

This is the globally recognized symbol for RSS
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS is something a website or blog offers to readers provide a “news feed” of its information. RSS makes it possible to subscribe to a website instead of visiting it. It is an increasingly popular way to access weblog and news content, especially among geeks, bloggers and news junkies. Add a website to your own “news reader” for free and updates are automatically displayed on your desktop, web browser or email program.

By “subscribing” to an RSS feed from a website, like www.Edgemagazine.net, you immediately receive brief reports of new posts, articles and updates on the site. Using RSS, the websites will deliver their updates to you, checking for updates as frequently as you wish, saving you the time of going to a particular site and trying to find the latest information.

So, how do you get RSS feeds on your computer? Through an RSS newsreader or aggregator. Some web browsers, like Google, have built-in “readers,” and there are free software options that you can install on your computer that allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. Here are some popular readers that are free:

Newsreaders deliver the latest news, blog updates and entertainment briefs to your desktop without the glitz, pop-up windows or hard-to-load pages and images. Boom! There they are.

Using Your News Reader

Once your reader is set up, all you have to do is add a new website, the place where you want to “subscribe” to the latest updates automatically. All you do is copy and paste a site’s URL or website address. Usually it is much easier than that. All you do is look for the orange square. Some are labeled “XML.” Some websites will ofFeed Iconfer subscriptions to very specific categories within their sites, such as world news or national news. Just click the orange button on the website, and your RSS software will ask you if you want to add the specific feed. Approve it and, that’s it, you’re subscribed. Reading website content with an RSS feeder can dramatically reduce the time you spend surfing the web, going from favorite site to favorite site, trying to learn what is new.

We invite you to subscribe to The Edge RSS Feed here – https://www.edgemagazine.net/staging/feed