Benjamin Creme: On the Emergence of the New World Teacher

Scottish-born painter and esotericist Benjamin Creme is the author of several books translated into numerous languages, and he is the British chief editor of Share International magazine, which circulates in 70 countries. He has appeared on television and radio worldwide and regularly lectures in many countries. He accepts no money for any of this work.

Trained and supervised over many years by his own Master, in his words, he is now preparing the world for the public emergence of the New World teacher Lord Maitreya. He has been traveling the globe, telling audiences that the Second Coming of Christ, a long awaited Messiah– known by different names by various religious groups is the same individual, the World Teacher–Maitreya. Despite some controversy and belief to the contrary, Mr. Creme says Maitreya stands at the head of an enlightened group of Masters of Wisdom who are presently here to help humanity to solve their problems.

Gary Beckman, Diane Rose and I stepped onto a train in the London Underground system. After a few station stops, we arrived at our destination, a brisk walk of about 20 minutes through a London suburb, where every house looks the same. We arrive at Mr. Creme’s home. A gentle, silver-haired man, quite unassuming, with a benevolent smile opens the door. I become aware of the simplicity of his home, just the very basics, a truly humble abode. He brings in the tea and cookies as is English custom.

Mr. Creme, we have been exposed to the work that you do, through the media and the advertisements in our paper. An aspect of interest to us is the role of Maitreya in the life of Nelson Mandela?
Benjamin Creme:
Maitreya appeared to Mr. Mandela about two years before his release ( he mistook him for Jesus) as Maitreya takes many forms. Maitreya requested him to write to the South African president for a meeting. Mandela expressed that it was a ludicrous idea, saying that “When it is impossible for me get an appointment with the chief of prisons, how will De Klerk entertain such an idea.” He ended up writing to the South African president for a meeting.

At the same time, Maitreya appeared to the De Klerk, who is a devout Christian. He felt that God appeared to him and told him that it was now time to end apartheid. When he received the letter from Mandela, he was open to suggestions. This led to negotiations for his release and a new constitution for South Africa. Maitreya had predicted the release of Mr. Mandela in 1988 and the end of apartheid in South Africa. There has never been a body of predictions with such uncanny accuracy.

The prediction of a stock exchange crash was given in June 1988, which was to begin in Japan and have a rippling effect on the world economy. The stock exchange is like the gambling casinos of the world, for they have absolutely no part to play in the economy of the world. The stock market is in the hands of about 200 financiers who work independently. They don’t form groups but follow one another. This way the stock exchange, instead of being the mechanism for evaluating the world economy, is nothing more than gambling in world currency and in “futures.” The value of any currency bears little relation to the industrial base of the country to which it belongs.

Many people are seeking prosperity in this age of disparity between the rich and the poor, and they are beginning to remember ways to manifest all they desire. How does this prosperity consciousness play out in connection with Maitreya’s vision of global sharing?
Creme: Maitreya teaches that humanity is one, that we are all brothers and sisters of one humanity, under one divine source. That means that all resources of the world, the food, the energy, the technology, health care, raw materials, education, all of that belongs to the whole of humanity. There should be no monopoly, it should be equitably shared around the world so that we end forever the disparities between the developed world and the developing world, where millions of people are starving to death.

In this discrepancy of living standards in the developed countries and the rest of the world, you have the inherent tensions and the seeds of a third world war. This will lead to nuclear war, which can destroy all life, human and sub-human. Maitreya is here to make sure that this does not happen and to intercept and show us that we have to change. We have free will–through his ideas and his persuasion and by the fact of who he is and the tremendous esteem that he has held in the hearts of millions and millions of people. He hopes to share with us that we have only one answer to our problem, and that is to share the world’s resources. He has returned during these times to bring us back to sanity.

The world stock market crash is necessary, because humanity has no sense of reality. It does not see what it is doing. We have not quite suffered enough to take the plunge and accept the principles of sharing. The world stock market crash will force it upon us.

There is a belief that once it crashes, everything the whole of world economy comes to a halt?
That is the expectation of most people. It will be like that. The crash is a result of the total insanity with speculation. It is an insane disease–from our point of view, it is the greatest disease that humanity has. Everything is speculation, to make more money, and it is all based on greed. Its method is the new market-forces economy that have now been placed in the whole world. Any government who blindly follows market forces is leading its nation to destruction. There is a minor official in Washington D.C., who is an incarnate of Abraham Lincoln, and no one knows his name. When Maitreya comes out, he will come with the others. Whether he acknowledges his previous position, we do not know. He will be in a committee of wise men who will rule America.

There are many who flatly discount the suggestion that Maitreya overshadowed Jesus when he was on Earth, feeling it takes away from the innate spiritual power within the one known as Christ. Can you help us understand why it was necessary to have Maitreya’s intervention in Jesus’ life and what it provided the human race?
This is the first time in human history that the world teacher of the times has come to the world himself. Every other manifestation– Hermes, Rama, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus and others–were overshadowed by the teacher of the time. Gautama was not the Buddha, he was a prince, an initiate of the seventh degree. He was overshadowed by Buddha, who was the world teacher of the time. Likewise, Maitreya, who was the Master of the time, overshadowed Jesus. He was not the Son of God, there is no such person in the whole cosmos. Every single individual is a Son of God, and we are all children of God and come from the same source.

This overshadowing process is age old. A great cosmic avatar overshadows Maitreya himself and that gives him extraordinary powers so that the power of the teacher becomes the power of the initiate disciple. Jesus made this great sacrifice by giving up his body for the use of Maitreya. When he was 24, and from the age 30 t0 33, Maitreya completely overshadowed him. Sometimes Maitreya was in his body and Jesus was gone, and at times Jesus was in the body and Maitreya was gone. Sometimes both Maitreya and Jesus occupied the body simultaneously.

The person in Washington, the incarnate of Lincoln, is he aware of this?
Oh yes, he is aware of it.

You mentioned a governing body with a Council of Wise Men.
There will be a president, but there will be a Counsel of Wise Men, and then above that there will be a kind of advisory Counsel of Masters. There will be several layers, and they will advise, guide and teach.

You have said for some time now that Maitreya would be presenting his message via television. Why television? How long will the message last? What is Maitreya waiting for before the message is broadcast? People have a huge interest and want to know when the savior will arrive.
Maitreya’s whole plan and desire is to speak to the whole world simultaneously, that I will call The Day of Declaration. He will declare himself openly to the world as the world teacher for this time. But before that, he will appear on a major television network, one of the big ones, a major show interview, so it will allow him to speak to millions of people in America and Europe. He will also be invited to speak to two major Japanese networks. He will not be introduced as the Christ. He does not like those terms, as he will be a messenger for all people, not for just Christians only.

From what you are saying, he will make himself known from interviews before he announces himself as the New World teacher?
This is what I believe will take place. This is his plan. Major television networks and media will cover his story. He will become well known. Many people already believe he is here amongst the Asian community in London. He has been here since 1977. He could be anywhere in the world. He appears in many different guises to different people. He can take the guise of a man, woman, child or even a dog or any other form.

What is the relationship between Maitreya and the reported Zero Point phenomenon, the quickening of the Earth’s pulse, the reduction of the earth’s magnetic field, earth changes, and the apparent connection with a quickened sense of global spirituality?
I don’t believe one word of it–it’s absolute bunkum–streaming out of the astral plane. The world is filled with all kinds of astral information, from all kinds of mediums and so on. I know the plan is that this planet will remain intact for millions of years, unless we upset it. The Masters do not expect it to happen. In about 900 years’ time, there will be the kind of catastrophes that are forecast to take place by a polar shift. What is happening, in a controlled way, is that the ocean bed or what was the a major part of Atlantis is gradually rising, but it is doing so in a controlled way, about 4 inches a year. A major area is the Bermuda triangle archipelago. There is a force field above that area and that force field is gradually diminishing, allowing the ocean bed to rise.

The home of Atlantis is America. A huge area of Atlantis went down around the Caribbean, but nothing like the catastrophe that has been forecast. Everything is being done under control. There are scientists who work with this. Someday you will get to know about those who work with these force fields.

There will not be a polar shift. The earth is already off its axis very slightly. This is because of an energetic pull from a great body in space, which has pulled it slightly off its axis. That is why there is a greater incidence of earthquakes during the last 100 years or so, and this will continue, but it has not been allowed to completely hit. It has been kept intact by a force field–a great ring of light–that our space brothers have placed around our planet, and it has been put there by so-called UFO vehicles. These vehicles are miles long, huge interplanetary space ships, which keep the earth completely intact, but within the karmic law. So we have the incidents of earthquakes and other erratic weather patterns, for as long as we go on diminishing and abusing the ecology of the planet, the atmosphere, food–and from creating wars and atrocities against our own species.

There have been books about contact with our space brothers and efforts by the human race for communication. Can you elaborate?
My understanding is that every single planet in our solar system is inhabited and that the hierarchy of each planet is in touch with one another. Individually we are not in touch, but the hierarchies are in touch. The masters of this planet are in constant communication with the masters of the other planets. They work as an association–it is a solar system, not just planet Mars or planet Venus. They work as an association for the well-being of all concerned in the whole solar system.

The so-called flying saucers, UFOs or space vehicles, come mainly from Mars and Venus. Most of them are made on Mars, even the smaller craft. None of them come from outside of our solar system. Without the help of these space craft, we would be doomed. They keep the earth intact, but work within the karmic law.

All of the pollution that we put into the atmosphere and environment would have been 10 times worse without their help. Nuclear radiation affects our immune system. The nuclear waste from all nuclear power stations is deadly and remains so for thousands of years. The first priority of man is to shut down all nuclear power stations, but instead, more and more are being built. Chernobyl is in such a precarious state that it will do the damage anyway. Many others in Russia are in the same poor condition.. Space people, operating within the Karmic Law, protect us as much as possible. They have devices that mop up and neutralize nuclear waste.

Will the general public accept the existence of our space brothers and that we are not alone?
The governments of the world have been doing their best to keep away this information from the masses. There has been 100 percent cover-up to keep away UFO Information from the public almost everywhere. The Brazilian government contacted the government of the world a few years ago to tell them what they knew, by arranging a huge symposium to share information and make it known to everyone. They were told to keep things under wrap. With the Roswell incident, people now know that the U.S. government is holding back a lot of information from its people.

A few years ago I went to the London Air Ministry and spoke with a gentleman who is in charge of UFO incidents. He showed me loads of files that were marked confidential and top secret. He said, “Our official attitude is that they do not represent a threat to the security of this country”.

I know that our space brothers create crop circles. I also know that the War Office tried to get the farmers to cut down the areas of the cornfields as soon as the crop circles appear. Besides the few hoaxes, the crop circles are created by so-called UFOs by space brothers of our nearest planets, Mars and Venus. They are part of a process of energizing the earth.

They are replicating a grid of the magnetic field. The magnetic field is a line of force that makes up the magnetic field of the earth. All the planets in the solar system have this magnetic field around them. Each solar system also has its own magnetic field, and it goes out and overlaps to touch the next solar system. The force field of our solar system touches the force field of Sirius, which is the next solar system.

When a person becomes a master and reaches the level of a fifth-degree initiate, he goes directly to Sirius. Our hierarchy really comes from Sirius. It is the flagship of the hierarchy and the Great White Brotherhood. Our soul aspect for this planet is Venus and the soul aspect of this solar system is Sirius. This happens throughout the whole cosmos. Everything is related.

There are many, many evolved beings on Sirius–Gautama Buddha, John the Baptist, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and many others.

Our space brothers who have done much work here are primarily from Venus and Mars. They are highly concerned with what happens on this planet, as it affects them, too. Nothing is separate in the cosmos. Whatever we do in terms of our nuclear radiation and atomic experimentation and space exploration concerns them; we are their younger family. Mars is more or less on the same stage as Earth. Every planet has seven enormously long rounds of incarnation experiences. Earth is in the middle of its fourth stage; the whole process then speeds up.

Maitreya has made reference to a new technology of light from our space brothers, which will give us unlimited clean power for all our needs, directly from the sun. All our energy needs will be met and will be made available to everyone. This light technology will be used medically and there will be great advancements in genetic engineering, making new organs and limbs for transplants to replace damaged or diseased organs or body parts. People will live into their hundreds. This is not far away. The experimentation will begin within the next few years. It is a bright future for humanity. Instead of blowing ourselves up into bits with modern weapons, we will build a new civilization, and this is a message of hope from Maitreya.

Is there a single overriding message Maitreya has for the world at this moment in time?
The important point from Maitreya’s point of view is to see ourselves as brothers and sisters of one humanity. We are family and every family shares what comes into the household. Presently, one third of the world wastes and or uses 75 percent of the world resources. We cannot go on without sacrificing our future. This is the point that Maitreya is trying to drive home.

Within those tensions is the possibility of a Third World War. Maitreya will not stand in the way, because we have free will. He has come to teach humanity to grow up. He is not here to save us. We have to save ourselves by correct response to his teachings, and that is the nature of his message. Once we accept the reality of his message, he is here to show us the way to implement all our possibilities to unfold the extraordinary resources that everybody has the potential to access as Divine Sons of God.

The only difference between the masters and us is that they know that they are Sons of God and they demonstrate their divinity. We don’t know that we are sons of God and we remain Sons of Man, because as of yet, we have not demonstrated to any real degree our divinity. But there is a way, and the Masters know the way. They have all done it and they guarantee that we, too, shall find the way.

They have come to the end of their isolated life. Each one of them has perfected himself in this world to become a master. For about 95,000 years, as a group they have lived in isolation in the mountains and deserts of the world and very few have made contact with humanity, except at the end of an age or at the beginning of a new age, when one of the teachers–Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Jesus and others–has come to speak to humanity. The teachings are always the same, but as time goes on, it becomes momentarily disorientated and eventually mentally polarized.

When do you expect open interaction with the spiritual hierarchy?
When I first worked with our space brothers, I didn’t know much, because I acted as an intermediary and had no knowledge about the day-to-day activities of our space brothers. My master acted as an intermediary between them and myself. For the last 24 years, I have been working to prepare the way for Maitreya and his group of masters. This is a separate activity.

I can speak of them in general terms, I do know that they have a mission and have contacts all over the world. People are curious about the mission or purpose of the UFOs. This relates to the coming of the Age of Aquarius, in which humanity comes of age and stands as the recipient of certain knowledge. It will be proven by the ending of war for all times, which will only happen by the creation of justice and the sharing of resources of the world. This will make it possible for us to receive a new technology of light that will give us an ability to handle and control the forces of the universe—not not just that of the sun. It will lead to complete freedom of the galaxies, in particular our own galaxy.

With this interaction, will they just come and go and everyone will see them and interact with them?
You must understand that the space people are invisible to most people. If you went to Mars, Venus or Jupiter, more than likely you will see nothing at all. These planets are teeming with life; there are more people on Mars than our planet Earth. Man is made of dense physical matter, and above that there are four other levels of matter. Man’s is limited to the density of its make up. However, there are people who can see beyond the veil or the etheric, but there are very few.

Some view Maitreya as the Antichrist. Why is this so?
They expect to see Jesus Christ. Jesus has been living in Rome and is still alive. When you see Maitreya one day, you will see Master Jesus as he is today, standing side by side. The relationship between those two has become well known. They work together as brothers. Maitreya is the Master of all the Masters—all the masters look up to him as we look up to the masters.

Did Maitreya overshadow Muhammad and other Masters?
The Master Jesus overshadowed Muhammad and gave him the Koran. The recipients of the Koran changed it very much and the recipients of the Bible really changed that text. The Gospel story is largely or broadly true, and the details are not true and totally misinterpreted, especially by the fundamentalist Christians. They are looking for the Antichrist, but they don’t understand what the Antichrist is. They are looking for a man who will come out before the Christ. They expect the Christ to come sometime, either immediately or in millions of years of time. The Buddhists await Maitreya Buddha 2,000 years from now. Indians await the return of Krishna, and these are all the same names for the same individual, although they don’t know that.

The idea of the Antichrist comes from the Revelation of St. John: The Beast, 666, is unchained for a time, and then chained down for a time. This refers to the release of the energy we call the Antichrist. It is not a man, but an energy, a destructive force that is deliberately released to break down the old order. In our time, it was released through Hitler and a group of equally evil men around him in Nazi Germany, a group of militarists in Japan and people around Mussolini in Italy. These three groups embodied the energy we call the Antichrist. That destructive force was released to prepare the way for the return of the Christ to the world now.

In the middle of the Age of Capricorn, the “Beast” will be released once more. There will be another Great War, this time fought on the astral planes. That will be the third phase of the manifestation of the Antichrist. It was the war between the forces of light and the forces of evil, as we call them, (the masters refer to them as the forces of materiality), which destroyed the Atlantean civilization some 100,000 years ago.

Books have been written about Maitreya as the Antichrist. People write regularly about this, though they don’t really understand the bible and they misinterpret the whole scriptures.

What is the role of Sai Baba in this whole picture?
There is no connection between Sai Baba and Maitreya, although they both embody the energy of love—the Christ principle—Maitreya at the planetary level and Sai Baba at the cosmic level.

To become immortal beings on the physical plane, Maitreya says, it involves the practice of three attitudes:

  • Honesty of Mind. Almost no one has honesty of mind. It is not just being honest and not stealing other people’s property. All of us think one thing, say something else and do something else again. For honesty of mind, what we think, what we say and what we do must be in a straight line.
  • Sincerity of spirit. This is being who we are, distinct and individual. Not trying to be like somebody else, imitating other people, but speaking from the heart to the heart. Not speaking to provide others with false idea of ourselves, manipulating them so that they admire or like us. It is being honest in oneself, sincere. Few people are truly, inwardly sincere.
  • Detachment. Detachment is the awareness that we are not the body, the feeling or the mind—gradually detaching ourselves from that kind of identification. If we are attached to our emotions, for example, and someone plays a dirty trick on us, if our reaction is one of strong indignation and anger, then we are not detached.

The more we practice these three attitudes, it will gradually bring about self-awareness and then self-realization. When you are self-realized, then you become a master and that is the end of the evolution on this planet.

All the masters are self-realized beings; they are resurrected, every one them. The resurrection in the whole of the Gospel story is a symbolic re-enactment given to the world of the path of initiations:

  • The birth of Jesus at Bethlehem is the symbol for the first initiation, which is called “The Birth at Bethlehem,” the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart.
  • The second initiation is called “The Baptism” and is symbolized by the baptism of Jesus at Jordan by John the Baptist.
  • The third initiation is called “The Transfiguration,” and it is symbolized by the transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount of Olives.
  • The fourth initiation, which is symbolized by Jesus dying on the cross, is called “The Crucifixion,” where everything is renounced—even life itself.
  • The fifth initiation is called “The Resurrection,” and that symbolizes the creation of the Master who is resurrected out of the life of form and matter into the resurrected state—a body of light.

Every initiation confers on the initiate more and more energy of sub-atomic particles. By the time he or she has taken the fifth initiation, the body, when seen esoterically, radiates with light. The master stands free from this physical planet. He no longer has to incarnate; he is now in a body that is totally transfigured and resurrected, in the esoteric sense of the word. Many masters do, in fact, stay on the planet to oversee the evolution of the rest of us, while many others go on to higher planets or even out of this solar system altogether.

Some of the masters are thousands of years old in the same body; a master who is 700 years old would be like a teen-ager. The Master Jesus is about 650 years in the same body; this is his third body since he was Jesus. In the 7th or 8th century, he went to America and talked to the Native American tribes, and he went to the Pacific and talked to the Polynesian tribes.

Sai Baba is the embodiment of that same energy of Maitreya on the cosmic level. He is not allowed to be man, and he is one of the greatest Avatars. Maitreya, on the other hand, is one of the oldest men on earth. That is why he is called the Alpha and Omega in the Bible teachings, meaning the first and the last. He will be here for another 2,500 years, then he will go on to the higher worlds. His place will be taken by one of his disciples, who is being trained to the World Teacher for the Capricorn Age.

Sai Baba now is the second of three manifestations. He was Sai Baba of Sherdi, who died in 1926. The present Sai Baba was born in 1926. He realized who he was by the age of 7, and when he dies, he will return early next century as Pravith Baba, the manifestation of love, and that will be the end of his manifestations.

At the present time and until the end of the Pravith Baba manifestation, we have two Christs—Maitreya and Sai Baba—in the world, and they work together all the time.

So ended our interview with Mr. Creme with a special blessing.

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  1. You are misinformed. It is not true that Creme accepts no money for “his work”. As an artist, he has sold many thousands of lithographs of his art to his believers at about $400 each and rakes in plenty. If it were not for his believers, his sales would be next to nil. It is his way to convince bloggers like you that he is not making any money. Like most people of this ilk, he does this in a shady way.


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