Gemini, The Twins

Light and dark, happy and sad, male and female, the astrological twins are depicted as opposites joined together. Although they are signified by symbol of the twins, it is not identical twins they represent, rather the coming together of opposites.

This is a sign of paradox, multiplicity, and sometimes duplicity. These people don’t mean to deceive; they just change their minds. Gemini, a mutable air sign, fuses changeability with the life of ideas. Variety, change, curiosity, and physical and mental quickness characterize these people. Gemini people are busy, they read, study, learn, write, study languages, drive, walk, bike, socialize, always craving diversity.

It is through their mental lives that Gemini people experience themselves. What they know helps define who they are. Since they are always learning, who they are is continually changing.

Sometimes highly distractible, sometimes witty and entertaining, almost always upbeat and excited, Geminis are known to have a dark side. Most Geminis spend a portion of their lives denying their emotions and feelings. Finding ways to make sense out of chaos, or simply slide into justifications, helps them contain their emotions. Many Geminis speak of a time in life, during a time a time of great breakthrough and personal growth, when they were forced to recognize feelings. Whether through writing in a journal, seeing a therapist, or having an unexpected emotional outburst, the lives of Geminis are drastically changed through gaining comfort with their feelings.

Finding a life path, a focus, a career can be difficult for Geminis. Many float from thing to thing or have more than one job, or even career. Keeping life interesting is more important than stability. In spite of that tendency, some great writers and comics fall under the sign of Gemini. These are the people that lighten our lives, that keep things in perspective and find humor in situations that might wear others down.

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