Walking With Still Feet

As we walk daily within our creative souls, we walk before the gods that we have worshipped within ourselves, be they great painters, musicians, writers, Jesus, Buddha, or the Great Spirit. When you walk at the highest levels of your consciousness, then your feet will be still. You realize that there is no need for haste. You realize that your heart is full and that all of who you are breathes with the fires of creation.

andrewsWhere does the sense of urgency that you feel in life come from? That urgency is a force to be reckoned with. Does it come from burdens that you are carrying? From a sense of duty? Or is it coming from something that really and truly matters in your life? Do not ignore it when a sense of urgency is upon you; it has come to tell you about something important that needs your attention.

Do you feel a sense of urgency about the burdens you are carrying? Why do you consider them burdens? Is it because you have taken on responsibilities that really don’t belong to you, that are weighing you down to the point that you no longer even want to take care of yourself?

There are always going to be times when life gets difficult, times when we face things that we have always believed are insurmountable. When these times happen, you will always discover that if it is truly your responsibility in a way that is meaningful in your life, then the resources and energy you need will be within your reach. The sooner you get started taking care of things, the better you will feel, even though it may feel impossible in the beginning. If it is a burden that really isn’t your responsibility and adds nothing constructive to your life, why are you carrying it in the first place? Of course, it is weighing you down and destroying your joy of living. Isn’t it time to do something about it?

The same things hold true when you feel an urgency that comes from your sense of duty. It is good to have a sense of duty; it is what reminds you not to waste your life, that you’ve come here for a glorious and higher purpose than all of the “luxuries” and distractions that the modern world offers. We live in a culture that works very hard to convince us that a sense of duty is passé, something out of yesteryear that we’ve grown beyond. That outlook is an open invitation to a meaningless and lonely existence, for fulfillment never comes from the world outside of you. True fulfillment comes from honoring your own personal truth and the reasons for your own existence.

When you feel an urgency that comes from your sense of duty, take a good look at it in the same way that you would look at your burdens. Is it a sense of duty to your own mission in life? Welcome it. Honor it, follow it with every fiber of your being and ask the muses of inspiration to show you the way. What is it that you are ready to begin, that you are not already doing? Find your sense of urgency about it if you don’t already feel it, and let it motivate you!

If, on the other hand, you are feeling a sense of duty to obligations that are not of you or your life, then really look at that sense of duty. Where does the obligation arise? There are always going to be times when we step in and do something simply because it is the right thing to do and we are obliged by our very nature to do the right thing. Or is it an obligation you’ve taken on for no better reason than because someone else told you that you should and you’ve never bothered to look at whether it is true and real for you, and now you feel shackled? Obligations you’ve taken on because you somehow feel they’ll prove that you might one day be worthy of living your own truth in life? If it is a sense of urgency that comes from one of these latter obligations, then it’s an urgency that has come to tell you it’s time to make some very important changes in your life now. Why are you doing this to yourself?

Take a moment and whisper the names of the people whom you truly love in this life, and look at how it is you want to serve them. With what part of yourself do you want to seduce reality and make it yours? Who deserves what in your life, and what is it that you have not owned that you need to own as far as your life is concerned? What have you disowned in life, what do you yet need to own? It’s time to get urgent about the great dream for your life.

Once in a while, we are very fortunate. That is when we experience an urgency about something that is driven by all three forces at once: our sense of duty to what really and truly matters in our lives even as it carries with it the ‘burden’ of actually doing something we’ve perhaps been putting off for far too long. This is your true sense of urgency, and it is one you want to honor right now. It is an urgency that comes from your aspirations, and it brings with it creativity and the power of all the gods and goddesses that are burning within your soul. Aspiration stimulates power; it is your aim spiritually and physically in the world, and it involves the totality of your being. It is the architect of your accomplishments and sits at the feet of power.

It is good to have a sense of urgency about your aspirations! That is when you open yourself and allow the muses of inspiration to enter. The energy and the ecstatic joy that now fill you actually calm your frantic dash through life, and you are ready to begin your life’s work. You are ready, finally, to walk with still feet and really get something done.



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