Nothing At All

“Horror, I’ve seen horror…the horrors that you’ve seen. But that gives you no right to call me a murderer. You have the right to kill me, you have the right to do that but, you have no right to judge me.” – Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now (Hearts of Darkness)

The above quote was a portion of Brando’s last monologue to explain that his atrocities were no different than the atrocities of his country, or, for that matter, no different than the atrocities of religion.

How is it that so many people have died in the name of God? Why is a conviction of superior righteousness enough justification for killing other people? How is it that the Christians, Jews and Muslims are still fighting for the same God and each religion thinks that they are the chosen? It’s nothing more than a bunch of kids fighting on the playground – except that the consequences are staggering. These are the people that we let run the world based on childish beliefs. This is where the importance of feminine power comes into play particularly, the mother. Somewhere down the line not enough men got smacked upside their heads by their mothers and asked, “What the hell are you thinking?”

I look at my body, a blade of grass, the known universe…they all simply work on their own accord. They all have inherent inclinations that lead them to what they need for enhancement. There is an awareness; an inner knowing.

We are the only animals that get caught in earthquakes, tidal waves and other catastrophes. What is our problem? Why don’t we listen? We have put ourselves above all else with our stupid stories of self. Could someone please introduce me to this “higher self”? Is it somewhere on a shelf? Life really isn’t that complicated. You live, you die, and try not to do too many stupid things in between. So, to whom are you praying, other than you?

Look to these: visualization, positive thinking, prayer, chanting, affirmations, law of attraction. Did you ever stop to think that the very thought or idea of wanting, attaining or attracting something creates the very experience of separation? You don’t need to pray. You will always get what you need and intend because it is part of you, like the sun is part of the plants it nourishes. Your talents and abilities emerge from within you, bringing forth fruition. It is society that tells you that you are incapable. Dolphins don’t pray that they’ll learn to swim. An owl doesn’t repeat positive affirmations before hunting. The wind doesn’t try to blow. They simply know and do.

We might actually get somewhere if we stop pretending life is more than it is. The complicated stories we create are the bed of war and separation. If we could let go of beliefs, we might actually begin to see each other, to know each other. We should be urged to blend and mix races – beautiful beings we would be then. We should realize that this really isn’t about anything other than what we make it up to be. Ask the trees. Their silence says it all…Nothing at all!

What if this all came out of Nothing? What if there was no reason or rhyme to any of it and it just simply works because it is functional? What if we intellectualize necessary associations as if they had meaning? What if it is not about consciousness, but a deeper knowing and awareness that is based on inherent connection…all things listening, instinctually moving?

Other animals don’t try to take over the world. That is an insane idea placed upon us by religion. It is the most narcissistic egomaniacal idea ever (other than there being a man in the clouds, whether it’s Santa Claus or God).

Here is what I would like to do. Get all the religious leaders in one room and say: “Okay you knuckleheads: The Sun/Son rises or is born and it sets and then is born again the next day…You all have these stories fashioned after this occurrence…. The planet spins, the Sun/Son thing is an illusion. The Sun/Son is not in the sky or heavens. It is a white hot ball of gas 93 million miles away and it is not going to save you. Your books aren’t truth. They are stories that mark occurrences that at that time people didn’t understand – Mythology and Lore.”

Then I’d get all of the warmongers in one room and smack them upside their heads and say “What the hell are you thinking? All right, you’re done, the guns, weapons of localized and mass destruction, I hereby render them useless. Your killing doesn’t work anymore”…and shut them down.

And when they ask, “What should we do now?” I will say, “Nothing at all.”



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