Our True and Eternal Purpose

man_fireWe did not come to this planet to suffer. We are not here to bleed, mourn and waste away.

We come as spirits to a physical plane, to create a joyful celebration of love.

So here and now, we reclaim this place from you who have stolen it, who misuse it for revenue and vanity, who abuse, contort and degrade humanity until it mirrors your own deformities, who twist and contort our true and eternal purpose for your own perverse notions, from you who transform paradise into a battlefield and Eden into a landfill, who name your price and impoverish the planet, who strip mountains and plunder forests for profit and so-called progress, from you who cheat and cheapen, who exploit man and beast, who congratulate each other’s misdeeds, who demolish and declare “victory,” who promote destruction as accomplishment.

No longer — heaven and earth bear witness, judgment is rendered, the verdict read and the sentence given. A new age has dawned.

We do not resist you. We do not hate you — the anger is lifted. Saddened for a moment, we simply turn away, release the past and you with it, and we move forward while you disappear behind us.

So we reclaim and redeem this planet, here and now, not with money, force or hate, but with love and peace, we sanctify, bless and restore this holy place.

We reclaim our true and eternal purpose, embodied spirits in a physical plane, for a joyous celebration of love — serving, giving, helping, laughing, sharing….

Welcome to the party, where we are all brothers and sisters, where we all think love, to be love, to act love, to give love, and live love, and all we see and hear and speak and feel is love.



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