7 Ways to Increase Your Intuition

When I first began down the spiritual path, I met so many amazing teachers with exciting talents. Reiki Masters, Tarot Readers, Psychics, Life Coaches and others seemed to pop up in my life. They had the gifts that I wanted immediately. When I found out about Animal Communicators, well, that was it. I was going to get these gifts, and fast.

The more I tried to become a spiritual master, the more I failed. I took classes and went to conventions. I flew to Vancouver to meet Louise Hay, and then a month later I went to a speaking engagement to hear Deepak Chopra. The next month led me to the Dalai Lama and others of high esteem.

I just wasn’t feeling the click back then. I expected an elf to knock on my door and say, you are psychic now, but it never happened. I gave up on my dream but continued to take classes — and something magical began to open up. I now am an accomplished animal communicator and my clients often tell me that the advice I give them is spot on as to what they themselves need to hear, not only their pets.

I love this life and I could not have done it if I would not have practiced these steps:

  • Accept where you are — You may not have psychic powers now, but know that we all can develop them and will someday. Love yourself dearly and treat yourself well. This life is amazing and it is for your enjoyment so start to practice loving life and find joy.
  • Practice the slow life — A slow life is an odd occurrence these days. We all live such fast-paced lives with cell phones and computers. The slow life involves just a simple thing — a breath between movements and pausing out of your busy lifestyle. It is becoming aware of your body and your breath. In the beginning, you could put a timer on your watch for every hour. At the hour, take a breath and feel yourself refreshing.
  • Eliminate toxic people from your life — Many of us have grown up in very toxic households. We have close family such as sisters or brothers or even our parents who kept us from our dreams. We have responsibilities on this three-dimensional Earth towards these folks, but we can also eliminate the need for approval or emotional support from them. It is time to be free — so respect yourself.
  • Practice the art of mindful living — We know we are supposed to meditate, but it is hard to do when you don’t know what it is. The easiest process, I have found, is to immerse yourself in nature and just listen for the sounds. Listen for your steps, the sounds of birds and wildlife, and mostly, the nothingness. You will find that the mental noise quiets and peace arises.
  • Sleep over eight hours a night — Sleep used to elude me. I would always wake up tossing and turning. I even went through a time when I had soaking sheets from sweating. Now, sleep is something I enjoy and life is so much better once I began to practice these healing lessons.
  • Say thank you when intuition comes — As we quiet our mind, you will no doubt have intuition give you clues to life. Do you ever say, “That was a coincidence?” That probably was intuition. Start saying thank you to spirit and you will not believe what else she/he shares with you.
  • Continue down the path that guides you — Once you begin on the path, you must follow it to whereever it leads. Often, we are caught up in our supposed life when we are really on a life’s journey that leads us towards a magical and wonderful place.



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