5D Business Collaboration: Getting on Your Own Team

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While progressing along our ascension journey, many of us begin to step into the world of our sacred service. If we have already, it is likely we will feel called to expand upon how we are currently showing up. From both vantage points, collaborations and co-creations often start lighting up for us as potential opportunities to accomplish this. It is part of moving into unity consciousness.

Having been a sole proprietor for many decades, I came to recognize the huge value of having a business partner. Just having someone to bounce ideas off of, and share the responsibility of decision making, is priceless. Teaming up with others on a project offers tremendous value through the synergy of co-creation. Brainstorming together is fun, gets creative juices flowing and expands the playing field of possibilities. Also, two or more people can get way more done than one person can, furthering business goals at a much more accelerated rate.

Before you launch into these exciting expansion opportunities, I would like to also shine a light on a less favorable possibility regarding these types of ventures. Even the most seemingly “evolved” people can have very dark shadows lurking. Money, and money issues, are fertile grounds for the surfacing of these shadier sides of people’s personalities, and they have the potential to trigger and reveal a motherlode of nasty, unresolved emotional baggage. I learned the hard way, twice, that before we can move into the expansive, heart-centered business collaborations of 5Dality, it is critical that we take care of ourselves in the pragmatic, physical plane of 3D.

The best, hard-earned advice I can offer is to get a contract in place, whether it be for a finite term or for an ongoing partnership. In a partnership contract, be sure to also spell out the terms of dissolution, should one or both members decide they want to pick up their toys and go home. Negotiating a contract will also act to clarify expectations and will reveal if you are able to work together. If you do decide to move forward, seek legal counsel to make sure your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.

By not following my own advice, I royally set myself up to be exploited by very shrewd opportunists. Was this a major growth opportunity for me to heal victim programs, worthiness issues and earn an honorary Ph.D. in personality disorders? Absolutely. Would I wish these kinds of growing pains upon anyone else? Absolutely not. Being prepared for a storm does not call it to you. It will ensure that if the storm hits, you will be onboard the ship, high above the waves, instead of battling the seas, bailing out a sinking life raft, while desperately trying to salvage the remains of your shattered dreams.

The key to ascension and navigating these turbulent times is self-love. Put the oxygen mask on first. Start with the basics and get paperwork in place before you start investing in something or someone else. It is a very expensive process to try to prove that a verbal contract was in place, after the fact. Do not kid yourself by thinking you are immune to betrayal or deception just because you have an open heart and you are moving into a business agreement focused on love. That did not shield me.

This life really is about full mastery. The places we shy away from or avoid are exactly the facets we are being called to master. Become the master of your own destiny, security, stability, safety and success. Just like we need our physical bodies grounded to have access to our full circuitry, energetically we need to make sure our business endeavors are fully grounded in physical reality.

Once you get on your own team first, then you can join others and play full-on, with your heart wide open as you collaborate and co-create, launching from a stable foundation as you reach for the stars in unity!

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Maureen Keefe of Intuition Matters is an Awakening Activator, a Higher Consciousness Catalyst and an Ascension Coach, assisting you in taking your life to the next level. As a Visionary Business Coach, she can tap into what is possible to brainstorm with you ways to infuse new life and appeal into your business and products. Recorded phone or Zoom sessions available. Women, consider an immersion retreat. Maureen lives in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains overlooking a Sacred river valley. She is a fabulous health-oriented cook and adept transformational specialist. Guaranteed to be one of your top personal growth experiences and getaways. "Life is meant to be a joyful Journey, Get Intuit!" Contact Maureen at IntuitionMatters@gmail.com or 970.724.0447.



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