Create your own Magic

All of us co-create and collaborate with existence, but not many are aware of this! We are all wizards, magicians and angels. We have the power within us to create everything for our highest good. Unknown to us, Universal energy is ever present to co-create with us, like a magical genie! Yet, many of us cannot find our way past the maze of logic, analysis and proof!

Beyond the Secret, Laws of Attraction, books and courses is our own huge, indomitable soul. It is created with the essence of the Great Spirit and is Divine in Itself. Our soul self creates our past, present and future. Our soul twin bonds with our breath. Whatever we bring our attention to is made manifest. We also create our dis-ease and negative stories by continuously focusing on them.

The Universe is like a giant copying machine. Whatever we send out gets multiplied infinite times and returns to us. This is the Universal law of co-creating and collaborating. So beware! Uunderstand what you want and be ready to receive it! For like the first showers of gentle monsoon rains, our gifts can become huge torrential downpours.

When we are completely conscious of our power and truly present to ourselves, magic happens. Becoming conscious to our power initially is like the revving up of aircraft engines. Once the engines pick up speed, the sky is the limit! However, in the case of co-creating and collaborating, the energy is limitless, boundless and completely free! Once we are on our own power flight, we cannot be stopped! Many of us feel disappointed when our initial efforts do not seem to bear fruit. This is natural, but once we learn the soul process, it becomes easier.

Let us then set our co-creating and collaborating energies on path. First, how much do you really desire all that you are trying to co-create? Do you absolutely, from deep within, want to manifest a particular thing, event or situation? Is it uppermost in your aware mind? Can you feel, taste and imagine being in the manifested scenario? Or do you doubt receiving what you desire and feel it is futile to try? You need to be absolutely sure and completely in the space of receiving all that you want.

The following is a very simple, yet powerful co-creating tool:

• First, convert your thoughts into matter. Write down, in as much detail as possible, all that you wish to co-create.

• Lie down or sit in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and then in a relaxed manner continue breathing. Your breath will guide your imagination and energy to go wherever necessary.

• Now imagine you are seeing a movie: Notice the scenery, the weather, the colors around you, and the place in complete detail. Are you indoors or outdoors? Notice the smell or fragrance, light or darkness. Notice the tiniest detail.

• Now look at yourself, your clothes, your hair, your footwear, any other thing about yourself that strikes you. How are you breathing? Are you standing, sitting, walking or running? Are you eating or drinking? Who is with you, and what are the roles of these people in your life movie?

• Go further ahead in the movie and experience everything exactly as you wish it to be. Continue breathing. Be in the process like a never-ending day dream. When you feel complete, slowly open your eyes .You will feel extremely relaxed and empowered. You will experience a shift from deep within — and know intuitively that “this is your reality.”

Repeat this process daily, every night or at any part of the day when you will not be disturbed.

As your energy vibrations shift to higher levels, you can easily create whatever you want. Your soul aligns itself with the cosmic prana or energy and tremendous changes occur. Gradually, you will shift into the co-creator role, collaborating with the Universe for your higher good — and the collective good of the entire planet Earth. Stay with this process. Please do connect and share your experiences with me.



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