Soul Lightening Acupressure

Dr. Aminah Raheem, a transpersonal psychologist and bodyworker, developed Soul Lightening Acupressure in the early 1970s as a way to address whole-being health and consciousness. In her studies, Dr. Raheem realized that talk therapy alone could not address the vibrational imprint of history held within the body. She combined simple verbal processing skills along with acupressure point combinations using gentle curved interface touch to create this method.

As practitioners of Soul Lightening Acupressure holding specific point combinations, they can feel the synchronization of energy between the meridians and points in real time. This synchronization signals energy restoration and balance of the whole being — body, mind, emotions and soul.

The Soul Lightening Basic Protocol is a comprehensive sequence of point combinations that balances the 12 organ meridian flows, the eight extraordinary vessels and the seven chakras of the body. The practitioner may also choose from more than 70 acupressure protocols to address various specific symptoms and imbalances. These formulas, along with facilitating personal awareness, assist the client in removing restrictions to the energy flows and allowing the body’s innate wisdom to move towards greater health. All the protocols can be used by the practitioner for self-care, which is an added benefit of learning this work.

The term “soul lightening” has multiple meanings. The mission of Soul Lightening International is to cultivate soul actualization (the process of becoming who you are and why you are here):

• Spark of light: As the body’s energy systems align, conscious development occurs as a person returns to the spark of their “original essence” where they have an opportunity to reclaim their whole-being health.

• Light of consciousness: Shedding light (or conscious awareness) on internal experience activates the body’s innate wisdom for healing. As the light of their original soul is remembered, so is the realization of their soul purpose in the world.

• Lighten the load: As we facilitate more consciousness, may we also “lighten” the load of past burdens and layers of conditioning.

• Lightening bolt: Just as a lightning bolt creates a powerful charge of energy, this transformative work creates an energetic connection for the individual between heaven and Earth.

Practitioners learn basic principles of both Process (PA) Acupressure and Clinical (CA) Acupressure in the Foundation Certification (50-hour) program, then can pursue additional 300-hour certifications in either Clinical or Process Acupressure. Clinical acupressure practitioners incorporate 5-element principles into their practice, and Process Acupressure practitioners include work with parts of the personality, inner child and ancestral healing. Advanced Soul Lightening practitioners weave the two tracks together to hold a deeper perspective on the integrated systems of the whole-being, including meridians, extraordinary vessels, and chakras.

“We facilitate the health, balance and compassionate exploration of the whole being right to the very core.,” Dr. Raheem says.



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