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In the last column, Regain your Sovereignty, I provided information on how the terms “conspiracy theory” and/or “debunked” are used by the media, government, and other institutions to maneuver you back to their official narrative and away from information, they don’t want you to know about. I explained that in your ascension journey, you need to become aware of these false narratives, so you could see through the control structures and regain your sovereignty. In this column, we will explore the next piece in the puzzle; propaganda and searching for the truth. Don’t miss the links in the Source section below, identified within the article, as they provide valuable information.

I have always known the media can exaggerate or spin a story, as they need to attract viewers. However, they are still responsible to focus on the facts and not provide false information to get you to believe something that didn’t happen. So, if two news stations cover an event, the information broadcasted should be similar, right?

In November 2017, I watched some information on Trump’s visit to Japan. While visiting Japan, Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister stopped to feed fish at a Koi Pond. The Prime Minister feeds a little of the food to the fish and then Trump disrespectfully dumps his entire box of fish food into the pond in a grumpy manner! Do you remember that image? I was so embarrassed that our President had such poor manners and was so disrespectful!

Later, I saw the same coverage of this event on Fox News, but their version was significantly longer in length. In the Fox video, the Japanese Prime Minister and Trump were feeding the fish. After both of them had fed the fish several times, The Japanese Prime Minister dumped out all of his fish food into the Koi Pond. Trump then followed his example and emptied his box of fish food. Trump backed up and waved to the crowd with a huge warm smile1.

I realized I had been tricked. The President wasn’t rude and disrespectful! He was simply following the example provided by the Japanese Prime Minister. Suddenly, I understood what “Fake News” meant. The media wasn’t sticking to the facts, they had a narrative they wanted me to believe and had edited the video to get me to believe something that didn’t happen. I wondered what else I had assumed was true, but really wasn’t.

The news reporting that I grew up with (just report the facts, Who, What, Where, When) is gone. News reporting is editing and modifying the information that you see to fit a narrative or agenda established by the news organization or whoever provides the appropriate amount of funding. Do you know that isn’t illegal? Did you know that Congressional bill HR4310, signed in May 2012, gives media organizations the approval and funding to use propaganda on U. S. citizens?2,3,4 Why would Congress approve media organizations to use propaganda on the American public? Maybe because they have an agenda/narrative they want you to believe, and they plan to use the media to deliver it.

Luckily, there are so many different news sources and small independent stations with reporters that really want to find out and report the truth. What if I told you the news is coordinated by a very small number of people who determine what information is presented. Almost all the U.S. media companies, including motion pictures and the recording industry are owned by six companies.5 An insider has said that each day at 4:00 am, the news organizations are given their news scripts for the day from a central source. Check out the linked videos below, to see if that might be true6,7 Does this mean that a very small number of people and the government (approved the use of propaganda on the public) determine what you see in the news, movies, and the music industry? It is a good thing they only want what is best for us!

So, if you are starting to not trust the media, how do you find the truth? First understand how the media is manipulating you. The media counts on you not having time to fully read the article, watch congressional hearings, read the transcript, read the official reports, or compare information from various sources to make up your mind. Instead, they know they can consolidate whatever information they want you to believe into a 5-15 second video or a headline and you will assume it is true, without doing any research. Even if you do research, you have to determine which sources are trustworthy. Review the link below on Astroturfing to get a better understanding of what you are up against8.

If you decide to begin doing your own research, here are somethings you should know.

  • Researching takes time. I wish I could provide a single news station or website where you could get all the true information in one place. First, it doesn’t exist. Second, you need to make your own determination on what is true. The goal is to regain your sovereignty by not being controlled by others. So, you need to do this work yourself, using sources you trust.
  • Focus your research on one or two topics. If you try to research everything, it will become overwhelming. Use your intuition to choose what to research. Some of my first topics were what is really going on at the border? Why is voter id considered to be racist? Choose your topic. Pick something that interests you, not something you feel obligated to understand.
  • Use YouTube and other social media sites. Yes, they are controlled, and people are censored, but they are a source of consolidated information. You can subscribe to channels or follow people that are related to the topics you are researching, making it easier to find info. I don’t watch the mainstream news anymore. I scan YouTube channels, Twitter, and other social media sites to see what is happening that day. However, I couldn’t do this at the beginning, as I didn’t know who to follow. At the beginning, I watched the mainstream news videos from both liberal and conservative news stations on the events of the day. Don’t get stuck on these being political viewpoints. You are watching both because they have different narratives, so you will be able to see how you are being manipulated easier.
  • Find the conspiracy theorists (generally prefer to be called “Truthers”). There are people out there that have done the research already and want to share what they have found. They are identified by the media as conspiracy theorists or their information has been debunked, or they are personally attacked, because the media doesn’t want you to hear the information they are sharing. You should want to know why. Not all these people are providing truth. You have to figure out who to trust. Use your discernment and your intuition! Truthers can be professionals, including doctors, lawyers, whistle blowers or insiders. They can also be people with regular jobs, working out of their basement, sharing what they have found. Don’t let appearances fool you, trust your instincts. Generally, if you watch someone’s information a few times, you’ll know whether or not it resonates with you or not. If not, find someone who does. I have a blog on my website that contains some of the sources that I currently trust or follow. This is just to give you some ideas. Don’t believe information from someone, just because they are on my list.
  • Find primary evidence. When possible, review information as close to the source, as possible. For example, I’d rather watch congressional hearings than have the news media give me their opinion. If you have not watched one of these hearings, you won’t believe what you are seeing, when you do. I know they are hours long, but usually the first 30 – 60 minutes is watching for everyone to show up. You can skip past that. You can also turn up your playback speed to 2x and still understand what is being said and lastly, you can pause it and watch more later. Use other primary evidence such as peer-reviewed studies, official articles, executive orders etc.
  • Just observe and be aware. Don’t try to make up your mind on what is true. My experience in researching is that new information comes out, a new source explains what wasn’t understood and therefore, my understanding changes, becomes more complex and I understand new levels of connections over time. I approach the information with a curiosity, that holds a space for the information to be accurate. The truth always comes into the light. If it turns out not to be accurate, I’m not heavily invested, and I just move on. So, just hold onto the information loosely and see what else comes forward.
  • Keep your vibration level high. If you are new to researching, there will be many surprises and most of them are not pleasant. For this reason, many light-workers or those on an ascension path may back away, using the reason that you need to stay in a positive space to keep your vibration level high. This is very true, however you need to know the truth to step into your true sovereignty. You can’t ascension while being mind-controlled and without being aware of what is really happening. So, you will need to learn to balance learning the truth, while keeping your vibration level high. The key is to observe and not get pulled into negativity. If you are struggling with this, I recommend Lifting the Veil of Duality by Andreas Moritz.
  • Use the 10% rule. When you start to learn all this hidden information, you are going to want to share everything with your family and friends. This usually doesn’t end well. Suddenly, you are the crazy member of the family that has been taken over by some cult and now you believe all these conspiracy theories. The more you share, the less they listen. Here is what works… Plant a seed! Share 10% of what you know on a topic. Present it as something interesting you noticed (not here is a fact that I know and you don’t). If they ask questions or begin a discussion, share a little bit more. Let them pull the information from you, instead of you pushing it to them. Don’t worry, if you only get to share the 10%. The seed is planted and it may begin to sprout later.

I hope this column was helpful! Visit my website for past articles and other related information. Sending love, light, healing and protection energies to all!

4 (p. 326–328 in the PDF)


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