Starcodes: May 20-26

Starcodes for the week of May 20-26, 2022

The energy shifts this week as the Sun goes from solid Taurus to adaptable Gemini as the weekend begins, picks up momentum when Mars heads into Aries on Tuesday. For those dealing with a calamity like Mexico’s fires or some more personal tough turning point, this week’s planets can loan the guts and adaptability to figure out the next step. But that fresh momentum and rebellious Aries spark can be tricky while Mercury is still retrograde.

Gemini inaugurates the mobile, busy, curious peak of the pollen season, a time which inflames allergies and also encourages the cross-pollinating of plants, ideas, relationships. This mutable Gemini Sun helps us adjust, whether we are getting ready for new post-graduation adventures or because last week’s lunar eclipse threw a curveball and we have to reorganize.

This retrograde cycle can be a doozy for technical snafus and klutzy scenarios. Just trying to open email or a can of dog food can become an adventure. Be careful when taking any risks, don’t underestimate the potential for unexpected problems. If slapstick increases, slow down rather than speed up, particularly after Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus on Sunday night.

On Tuesday Mars leaves easily-overwhelmed, low energy, Pisces where it’s been for weeks, and now enters feisty energized Aries. Mars in Aries can loan us bravery and give us bursts of energy but can also stimulate a hot flash temper. Which is tricky as Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation is still retrograde through June 3. We can use this Mercury retrograde to reconnect, remember old resources and catch up with ourselves, but our minds can spin in unproductive circles.

Gemini can leave us easily distracted, retrograde Mercury brings out our klutziness, and Mars in Aries builds momentum but we may not be headed in the right direction. So let’s get extra mindful about what we say and how we move through the world from Tuesday on as the Moon and Mars join Venus and Jupiter in feisty, fiery Aries. Here they speed up our response time without increasing our ability to respond well. Watch the world headlines.

That Aries can make us set up with a slower difficult situation, rebellious against any apparent stupidity. Be careful where the sparks fly, don’t start unintentional fires on any level. If we find ourselves about to say something outrageous or edgy, let’s stop, and make sure it’s true, necessary, and kind.

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Friday, May 20: Be a resource to one another as the Aquarius Moon trines Mercury, share contacts, tips, encouragement, as people need to feel the supportive web of community. Work around a mid-day stubborn streak; don’t bother pushing where people dig in their heels but elsewhere people can coordinate and support one another easily. That stubborn streak fades as the evening progresses and is replaced by a need to communicate and process old memories or recent troubles. Tonight, talk over the week that was and share that web of support while the Sun semi-squares Chiron then enters Gemini at 7:22 PM MDT.

Moon sextile Mars 1:06 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 4:23 AM, Sun trine Moon 5:59 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 6:52 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9:10 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:53 AM, Sun semi-square Chiron 7:18 PM, Sun enters Gemini 7:22 PM.

Saturday, May 21: Make your point, but don’t invalidate another’s perspective. The Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini and help us reminisce and discuss; look for the roots of the present situation in stories of the past. Our active minds can clarify the past but still have trouble seeing the future. And because Mercury is retrograde and it is so easy to misperceive, it is important to question even our most cherished assumptions before we jump into action.

Moon square Uranus 9:15 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 1:17 PM, Moon sextile Venus 8:40 PM.

Sunday, May 22: Unprocessed feelings can catch up to us as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and Mercury semi-squares Chiron. Keep the schedule light and check on people with overwhelming issues. Take the time to adjust to changing circumstances. Later in the day it furthers to fix, heal, or repair a problem as active Mars sextiles deep Pluto. We can gentle our nervous system tonight as Mercury retrogrades back into earthy Taurus.

Moon conjunct Saturn 1:18 AM, Moon enters Pisces 9:49 AM, Moon square Mercury 10:11 AM, Moon square Sun 12:42 PM, Mercury semi-square Chiron 3:54 PM, Mars sextile Pluto 4:15 PM., Mercury enters Taurus 7:14 PM.

Monday, May 23: We can feel sensitive, nervy, anxious under the Pisces Moon, but can use any simple, practical chore to get grounded and prepare for the week ahead. Tap into resources, good friends, reliable contacts, and familiar territory as Venus sextiles stabilizing Saturn. We can make progress on a project or short-term agenda, even if the future is vague. Some decision clarifies tonight as Mercury sextiles Mars, we just need to watch that we don’t sound more pointed than we intend.

Sun sextile Jupiter 5:04 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 1:53 PM, Mercury sextile Mars 9:26 PM.

Tuesday, May 24: Lean into familiar people and routines for comfort and grounding as Venus continues to sextile Saturn this morning, give people a reason to trust and take constructive action where the path is clear. That will help stabilize the emotions before the internal storms pick up this afternoon, bursts of tears or fits as the Moon conjunct Mars mid-afternoon, then both the Moon and Mars enter Aries and conjunct Jupiter this evening.

Venus sextile Saturn 5:05 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 6:41 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 12:48 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 3:33 PM, Moon enters Aries 3:39 PM, Mars enters Aries 5:17 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 8:27 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:02 PM.

Wednesday, May 25: We are not going to take it; rebellion and momentum builds as life gets busy- let’s make sure we’re on the right track as we get going -rather than run into a wall. Mercury trine Pluto asks us to research, find the origins of the story, think about consequences, and speak our truth. Think carefully before issuing ultimatums though, all the information may not be in, even as Mars in Aries wants to make a definite statement. Use that Mercury – Pluto mental focus, just watch where watch with the mind perseverates.

Mercury trine Pluto 3:48 PM.

Thursday, May 26: Revolution tints the air as Mars semi-squares Uranus. Impulse control lowers and our response intensifies. This combination can just give us energy for what excites us or it could bring tense situations to a boiling point. Stand up for what’s important but don’t think minds will change with an argument. A wave of melancholy, mourning the poor decisions of the world this evening though we can drop into our hearts and share from there as the Moon conjunct Venus and squares Pluto.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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