Dear Shannon: Relationship in Runes and Mind Your Biz


Dear Shannon,

I’m a guy, 32, in a relationship with a man, 40. We’ve been living together for a year, and we get along in most areas of life, but not spirituality.

My partner seems judgmental when I read my runestones. He makes fun of me when I say, “I need to ask my inner wisdom before I make a big decision.” Like buying a car or taking on a client. How can I handle this, or should I just call it quits?

In runestones, I pulled a “Hagalaz” on this question.

Signed, Viking

Dear Viking,

“Hagalaz” means “hail,” and being pelted with ice feels very uncomfortable! Hagalaz describes “uncontrollable negative events.” However, hail does melt. As a metaphor for your relationship, Hagalaz means if you can get through the discomfort without too many bruises, you can survive this storm and thrive. Take shelter.

Rune stones are a wonderful tool to amplify your inner voice. Please keep using them! However, it’s not advised to share the ways you access your inner voice with others. That’s private. Once you understand your guidance, it’s yours. Whether you received guidance via cards, rune stones, or a psychic, own it. Just say, “I’ve decided to buy a Prius.”

Mocking is one of the Gottman Institute’s 4 Horsemen of Relationships. Please read their work on how scorn can poison love. Mocking is unacceptable behavior. Is it a dealbreaker? Check if he’s mocking you on all subjects: clothes, vocabulary, taste in food or movies. If his ‘teasing’ spreads into all areas of life, it’s time to break up. If it’s only your divination practice, write it off as his one area of discomfort. Let the hail melt.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,

Dear Shannon,

My newish friend is having a tough time getting clients for her small business. I gave her some tips, and she’s applying them with some success.

She seems jealous of what I’ve accomplished, but it’s taken me more than ten years to build up my audience. I know it can be a long, step by step process.

Yesterday on my FB biz page, she dropped a link to her company. She commented, “Beautiful post! I do that at my XYZ company, too!”. I thought that was uncool, and fishing. What should I say?

Signed, No Fishing Allowed

Dear No Fishing Allowed,

Envy is tough to deal with!

Delete her comment right away. Tell her the comment reads like an ad for her business. Mention that you would never link to your company on her personal website or FB professional page without her permission.

To yourself, consider this as one strike. Give her three strikes in total before putting the friendship on ice.

As Penny Reid wrote, “Don’t set yourself on fire trying to keep others warm.”

For now, hold back on offering her more advice or free coaching until she asks for specific help. Watch to see if she’s implementing the tips you’ve already shared with her.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,


Shannon Walbran is an advice columnist for The Edge. A certified intuitive life coach, Shannon is based in both St. Paul, Minnesota, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Her website is

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