Beloved Founder of BodyTalk Passes Away

Dear Members and friends,

In the early hours of this morning, 11/22/22, our beloved John died peacefully at home. In his final days, there was a gentleness in him and a sweet humor, and he was able to engage with family and friends and, thankfully, remained pain-free.

John Veltheim lived such a big, brilliant, colorful and, as is the way with most any visionary one hears of, an often tormented life. A few days before dying, he mused, “I hope I haven’t just given people a Band-Aid with BodyTalk; that they won’t use it like a Band-Aid.” That, as many of you know, is so far from the truth. But he was his own hardest taskmaster, always passionately seeking to dive deeper and deeper and take his work further… always painfully aware “but there is so much more I can do; so much more I need to do.”

In his final days, we put his bed in the front room, where he was surrounded by his garden. It is the room where he treated so many people, both online and in person. And every now and then, he would open his eyes and ask, “Where are the people I am meant to be treating? Aren’t I here for that?” And he, most especially, remembered a little boy who had come so often with his grandmother for treatments. A dear little boy John was so fond of, whose quality of life John’s work was able to support and nurture in remarkable ways. It was that little boy that, every now and then, John saw before him and then he would say, “I must get up. He is waiting for me. I must look after him.”

Some of you reading this may not have known John personally, and others – forgive me for giving you this news in a public announcement – were very close to him. But whether you knew John directly or not, if you are receiving this, it is very possible that his work has touched your life in some way.

Many of you will have many questions now, but we would ask for your patience. In the new year, we will address all the questions you have.

With love and gratitude,

There will be a quiet, intimate, private ceremony. In lieu of flowers to the home or family, your donation and support of the International BodyTalk Foundation would be something that would have him smiling. Donate




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