the heart

i sat across from her
my teacher, my friend
close your eyes
she said
and i felt safe
so i tried
breathe in
she said
breath out
so i did

now let your heart breathe in
she said
let your heart breathe out
she whispered
the front of the heart
the back of the heart
both sides of the heart
and i felt safe
so i tried

the heart poetry

then something cracked open
an unfamiliar warmth in my chest
that quickly spread
and filled my entire body
as i continued to
let my heart breathe in
let my heart breathe out
the front
the back
both sides

as i quietly invited my body to move
i felt my heart lift up
and take the lead
in each movement
in each shape
she led
she held me
she breathed for me

with her defenses lowered
the high walls i had built to surround her
and keep her safe –
at least i thought –
she brought me home to myself

can you feel it
my teacher, my friend, she asked
can you feel loving awareness
can you feel that you ARE
loving awareness

and i felt safe
so i tried
and i did
and in that moment
everything changed




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