Physical Alchemist soma healing experience coming to St. Paul’s Om Center

Embody your divine nature with The Physical Alchemist soma healing experience, coming to the Om Center of Healing in St. Paul.

Elizabeth Sullivan, guest co-host and friend of The Being Curious Show, columnist for The Edge Magazine, and founding member of the Community for Higher Consciousness is hosting The Physical Alchemist, a soma healing experience – to transform your body, mind and spirit. It begins April 12 for twice a month through May, skips the summer and resumes September, October and November of this year. It will teach you ways to embody your divine nature. The Physical Alchemist is hosted at the Om Center of Healing in St. Paul – a beautiful sacred space that embodies wellness.

This is a high-level transformation with a committed group of people.

You will learn how to conserve your energy, heal stress and gain confidence in your body. Along your journey, you may be wondering what’s next. This is a deep dive into grounding high frequencies into your physical body for optimal expression of balance of body, mind, and soul.

During the intensives you will…

  • Re-educate your pelvic floor and core.
  • Learn to support your physical, mental and emotional bodies with breath practices.
  • Work with the foundational practices of Ayurveda to support your daily and seasonal routines and lifestyle.
  • Support your digestion and elimination patterns for greater flow of energy and physical health.
  • Release reactionary reflexes and chronic tension return to functional brilliance and mobility.
  • Gain deeper relaxation and rejuvenation practices.
  • Embody higher consciousness, source frequencies within your physical nature with greater ease and grace.

To name a few.

Physical Alchemist class

Elizabeth Sullivan is a Certified Yoga Therapist who specializes in Ayurveda, Somatics, SomaYoga and Energy Healing. She brings passion, dedication and commitment to everything she shares and teaches with the desire for people to step into their sovereignty and healing states.

Elizabeth supports people to bring in their soul’s gifts and mastery on their journey of self-realization and sovereignty. She blends her passion for optimal health and full potential to support people’s next best steps on their path to wholeness, and remember innate wisdom. Elizabeth draws on ancient practices and modern modalities to support self-healing and the removal of blockages that have held people back.

Learn more and register today by going to or Om Center of Healing at




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