Spirit Animal Message for August 2023: Spider Medicine

spider spirit animal message
Spider artwork by Ona Christie Martin

Spider is an incredibly powerful totem, connected directly with the ancient powers of creation.

The dark side of Spider embodies the deepest horrors imaginable to humanity. But the Light polarity of Spider is even more powerful: it resonates strongly with divine oneness, interconnection, beauty, and creative power.

Spider energy (both positive and negative) is massively present all over the world right now (think “world wide web.”) It is the wise, Light aspect of Spider who offers the following message to help us use this energy wisely this month:

Spider Power Animal Message for August, 2023:

“Hope. Beyond the veil is a world of unlimited Light.

Spider eats the darkness and spins out Light, transmuting filth and decay into transcendent beauty and abundance.

Humility is the key. The willingness to take whatever comes your way with grace and fortitude. Set your output to a higher vibration than your input and you will be a force for transmutation in the world.”

Spider Spirit Animal Symbolism At-A-Glance:

Positive Spider Energy: Oneness, Interconnection, Sensitivity to vibration, Creative power, Protective concealment, Wisdom, Beauty, Magnetism, Centeredness, Abundance, Stillness, Patience, Faith

Negative Spider Energy: Vampirism, Deception, Illusion, Extraction, Manipulation, Entanglement, Entrapment, Venom, Toxicity, Paralysis, Horror, Calculated evil
Exploring Spider Wisdom

Initiations by Spider totem can be incredibly rigorous. Spider forces us to realize that darkness and evil do exist in the universe, including within us. She asks us to face the Truth squarely, even those things that make us want to run away in horror and forget they are even there.

The more we hide our eyes and refuse to see the shadow, the deeper we get entangled in its webs and the more tightly it binds us. Inverted Spider energy won’t stop until it sucks us completely dry of everything, including our very humanity – until we discover how to free ourselves from its sticky strands. Because there is always a way out!

Spider says that the way to transmute this energy to Light is to be found at the intersection between mental objectivity (Truth) and Love. This is the sword that will cut away negative Spider energy and allow you to access the immense creative power of its Light aspect.

“Truth” requires you to see and acknowledge objective reality, including natural and spiritual law. Without objectivity your heart can get sidetracked by illusion, which turns your attempts to love into something twisted.

But just being objective isn’t enough. If you do that outside of the power of the heart you will – knowingly or not – become an agent of the dark.

You have to BOTH seek objective Truth relentlessly AND learn to operate from the heart. Those who do both diligently will access the true Light power of Spider and become unstoppable creators of Light in the world.

Goddess Awakened (detail) art by Ona Christie Martin

Take a Spin with Spider

If Spider’s message for August, 2023 is resonating with you, I invite you to take it deeper. Here are a few ways you might enjoy exploring this energy:

  • Use your spidey senses. Spider is a master of vibration – and everything is vibration. We create through our choices. Often we choose based on habit or subconscious fears. Sometimes these fears aren’t even ours! Next time you have an important choice to make, get out of your head and into your body. Feel into the vibration of it. Does a certain choice feel expansive and light in your body? Or do you feel a sense of contraction? Does the “logical” choice really make the most sense for you in this situation? Why or why not?
  • Start connecting dots. We live in a world of sound bites and viral reactions, where nearly everything is presented out of context. Next time you hear something that triggers you, stop. Look deeper. Instead of simply reacting, take a moment to understand the totality of the situation. Look for the back story. Who are the characters in this story – both those in the spotlight and those hidden in the shadows? What do they care about? Who stands to profit? Likely you will find a whole web of threads leading you in unexpected directions – and you may find yourself looking at the world in a whole new light.
  • Come to stillness. Watch a spider in her web. Centered and quiet, she maintains awareness of everything around her. While she appears to be accomplishing nothing, wise Spider knows that rewards come to those who wait. In the same way, adopting a practice of quiet meditation – especially meditation on the heart space – is a wonderful way to open oneself to the mysteries of life that are revealed only to those individuals willing to get quiet and patient enough to hear them.

Want More?

For more insights into the spirit meaning of Spider, check out my Spider spirit animal video on YouTube!


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