The Mountain

the mountain nature poetry

– after “god of the green door come” by Nan Seymour

Disheartened god of the revolving door,
help me to scale
the mountain of worldly confusion
toward hope.

God of innocent deer watching
from under the orchard trees,
of lizards scurrying nervously
on the garden wall, of owls
hooting out their cautionary tales—
protect us all.

Did we not appreciate enough
our precious incarnation?
Are these omens given
so we can alter the manner we tread
upon our earth?
sent for our awakening?

God of the whales,
tails breaching beyond the waves,
and of a crimson sun
landing gently on water,

you loved us into being,
you cried contagion,
you lamented corruption,
and yet, we have been oblivious,
unyielding to your call.

God of the revolving door,
we are stuck running in circles.
Please show us a way out.

See me, hands clasped over heart,
kneeling on the temple floor,
praying to you now.

The Mountain image by FreeFunArt from Pixabay


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