Is 5G Energy Killing You?

Let’s face it: 5G is here to stay. Carriers are adding new 5G transmission stations every day. We love our superfast smartphones, apps and GPS maps. We want to keep using 5G and protect our health. The good news is that you CAN have the best of both worlds when it relates to technology and your health.

If you are particularly sensitive to EMFs (electromagnetic energy fields), 5G energy can be a formidable opponent. Why? Because it can disrupt the magnetic field of our body and undermine the natural functioning of our immune and organ systems. You haven’t “bit the dust” yet, so there is still time to save yourself from this powerful force.

Disruptive 5G energy doesn’t operate like standard electromagnetic wave energy transmitted through the air from cell towers. It’s a whole new animal and requires a different approach to shield yourself from prolonged exposure, which can result in serious health problems.

is 5G energy killing us?

What is 5G energy?

Super-fast fifth-generation 5G is up to 100 time faster than 4G and is able to connect a larger number of devices. 5G is able to connect humans and machines with minimal delay in communications, allowing for the remote operation of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

5G transmission stations located throughout the area are packed with concentrated electrical equipment. The typical 5G macro station has power needs of over 11.5 kilowatts, up nearly 70% from a base station deploying 3G and 4G. 5G macro stations require several new, power-hungry components, including microwave and millimeter wave transceivers, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), faster data converters, high-power/low noise amplifiers and integrated MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas.

However, just being in a service area covered by 5G, doesn’t mean that you are being negatively impacted. It is not the general umbrella area covered by 5G that is the problem.

The problem is the location of these high power 5G transmission stations as they intersect with the natural electromagnetic grid that encircles the earth (Hartmann-grid). The Hartmann-grid consists of “standing waves” which are oriented on the earth’s magnetic field running from North to South and East to West.

These Hartmann-grid wave lines that surround the entire earth are naturally beneficial, but they are negatively impacted by electrical energy. If one of these Hartmann wave lines intersects an electrical power source, it charges that Hartmann wave with negative energy that is then transmitted along that Hartmann wave. The greater the power of the electrical item, the more negative the results. The power source can be as small as an outlet or as large as a transformer.

Hartmann-grid wave lines have not previously been associated with, or have been a carrier of EMFs. However, that has now changed with 5G. If one of these Hartmann wave lines runs through a 5G macro transmission station, it reverses the magnetic field of the Hartmann wave and the disruptive EMF energy from the 5G station attaches to the Hartmann wave and travels along that Hartmann wave line affecting everything it runs through.

Unlike standard electromagnetic wave energy transmitted from cell towers that has to find a crack in a window frame or other small opening to enter your home, this powerful 5G energy bowls directly through solid walls on these Hartmann wave lines carrying with it the supercharged disruptive EMF energy from these 5G stations. If you happen to be sleeping, sitting, or spending for any length of time in or near one of these negatively affected 5G Hartmann wave lines, it can lead to serious health issues.

Not all Hartmann wave lines are affected. If they do not intersect a 5G macro transmission station, they are not affected by 5G energy. For example, in my family’s home, there are 5 Hartmann wave lines that run through the structure from North to South. Three out of five of these Hartmann Lines were negatively affected by this powerful disruptive 5G energy. Unfortunately, one of those 5G Hartmann wave lines ran directly through my master bed and the living room couch where my family spends time reading and watching television.

Hartmann waves also run in a grid around the planet in an East to West direction. I have not found that the East/West Hartmann grid waves carry negative 5G EMF energy. However, where an affected 5G North/South Hartmann wave line intersects with an East/West Hartmann wave line, it magnifies the negative effect of the 5G energy where these lines cross. Again, if you are spending any length of time in one of these intersection points it steps up the negative impact of the 5G energy to your health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, there are methods available that can block this 5G energy from entering a home or office that completely eliminates the negative effect from these 5G affected Hartmann wave lines. This 5G cure effectively strips the disruptive 5G energy from the Hartmann wave line from that point and reestablishes its natural magnetic field.

5G may be super-fast for computers and data transmission, but it can also be super-bad for your health.

Contact the professionals at Dowsing Design and say goodbye to disruptive 5G energy in your home or office.


Hartmann-grid Defined

In 1951, the physician Dr. Ernst Hartmann discovered an electromagnetic radiation grid surrounding the earth. He called it the “global-net-grid”. Today it is called the Hartmann-grid. The Hartmann-grid consists of “standing waves” which are oriented on the earth’s magnetic field running from North to South and East to West. They are parallel lines about 8-12 inches wide with an auric field that extends up to one yard on either side. Hartmann lines are approximately 2 to 2.5 meters apart with a neutral zone between.

Electromagnetic Wave Interference Energy

Many different types of EMF wave energy are transmitted through the air from tall transmission towers. They include radar, television, radio, cell phone, microwave and more. EMF wave energy generally has little or no effect on people outside in the open air. Outside the EMF wave energy rolls right on by. However it does have a negative impact in homes and buildings.

EMF wave energy finds its way into homes and buildings through small cracks in door and window frames, and other small openings. When it gets into the home or building, it start bouncing around much like a ball in a 3D pong games. With the large number of EMF Waves being generated from multiple transmission towers, a home often has 10 or more separate EMF Waves bouncing around inside with no way out.

While these waves are generally harmless outside in the open air, when these EMF Waves get trapped in your home they become irritating and disruptive. I liken their effect on people to several giant black flies buzzing around your home, running into you regularly and with that irritation buzzing sound in the background as they fly by you. It’s 24/7 EMF interference energy and you’re defenseless with no effective fly swatter… until Now!

The professionals at Dowsing Design can both eliminate this EMF wave energy from your home or office and shield you from any further EMF interference wave energy incursions.




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