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So often, we feel that we are alone in this vast world. When life becomes difficult or confusing, this is a time that we tend to feel more solo in this journey, as if nobody is with us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am not speaking about loved ones around us daily or our friends or colleagues but those that are not seen, loved ones in spirit, guides, and angels.

We often seek help from those we can tangibly see for advice on what to do when life gets a little bit rough, but rarely do we hear of people reaching out to those who are unseen. Trust me when I say your grandma and grandpa, who passed away, are still with you. Your mom and dad have never left you. And even your child, if they have passed away, is a great source of knowledge from the place of the unseen. But yet, we don’t reach out to them.

We also have special ones, a.k.a. our best friends, who are next to us at all times to help us through this life, our guides. These are special ones that were recruited before we were born to help us along the way, yet we rarely reach out to them.

So many asked me how I communicate with these special people that I cannot see, and it’s simple: it’s a thought process. Just as you would see in Star Trek back in the day when Spock would mind meld, we can do the same with our own guides and our loved ones who have crossed.

We simply think in our minds, “Hi, are you there? I need help.” You’ll be surprised by the information that comes back to you.

Within our thoughts, we are often confused between messages from the other side and those that are our own. We tend to think, “This is me. This is my imagination. How do I trust what I am receiving?” So, how do you know the difference?

Those on the other side can see your thoughts as you are thinking them. They know the answers before you finish the question. You will find that when the reply comes from somebody on the other side, it will come right as the last word is spoken, or it will interrupt your thought and start the answer before you even finish the question.

With practice, this process becomes something of a no-brainer. You’ll find that as soon as you ask questions, you will receive the answer, and with this, you’ll find that you’re never alone.

You may also find that life becomes a bit easier as you begin to practice speaking with your guides, loved ones, and angels. They want to be there to help us. They want us to experience life, not to struggle through it.

So, the next time you find yourself in a rough patch, reach out and trust they are there.

Until next time ~ DeEtte




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