The 6th Chakra: Clairvoyance, seeing life as it is

The 6th Chakra, located at the brow, is the seat of clairvoyance. It is your viewpoint, the lens from which you see the world. This is the chakra of vision, both physical and psychic. For many people this has closed because they were getting information that they did not know how to make sense of. For active dreamers it is your 6th chakra that is working and informing you. Someone that is caught up in fantasy and daydreaming often has an overactive chakra in an ungrounded body. Ground yourself. Allow it to open and to take its time in doing so, open to your comfort level.

As you begin to clear this chakra, to clear your outdated viewpoints and judgements, you begin to see things as they are. You may develop a framework from which you make sense of the information that you are seeing/receiving. You are no longer feeling the need to convince others of your opinions, what is right or wrong. You acknowledge that there is always more happening than you know. This does not mean you do not have a preference for what is happening, but you do not assert your way as the only way. You do not get caught up in “this is right” and “this is wrong.” You begin to see a bigger picture of what is happening, a picture which includes Karma, unconsciousness, freewill, and unskillfulness. You make the best choices for you in the moment. As you do this the world around you shifts and changes. Your vision expands and it sees beyond time and place.

This is where we see things as they are. We see life as it is, not as we want it to be, not as we wish it will be, but as it is. We are able to see beyond the surface of things. There is always more happening than meets the eye. When you can allow for that uncertainty, you begin to see your place in the world. You can become more comfortable allowing things to play out. This will lessen the need for controlling every situation you encounter.

sixth chakra clairvoyance intuitive sight

The 6th Chakra is sometimes called the seat of intuition. Those subtle nudges pointing you in a direction or telling you to take another route. When we can see past the surface, we are taking in more information than we are often able to process… this is our intuition. We sense that something is not adding up, that the situation is not what it seems. With a well-functioning 6th Chakra you will begin to notice the unseen; you will find yourself more curious than judgmental. As you clear away the opinions and expectations of others and begin to ask yourself “what do I see?” You can let go of the ideas that were programmed into you, whether by your family or society, you become intellectually freer. You are not bound by the judgements of others. Is the news telling me the truth? Is this situation what it appears to be? Tune into yourself and ask what you see and feel. What is not making sense here? Why does this not feel right? And of course, what does feel right for me at this moment?

If you can connect with and have a well-balanced heart, your heart and your 6th chakra can open a tenderness within you, and you can find beauty in our humanity. You can find love even as you watch someone make an unfortunate choice. You understand that this is part of their learning, karma, their path, and you see it for what it is. As you become intellectually liberated, the outside world no longer frightens you. You see in totality. Like the symbol of the yin/yang, all life contains good and bad, dark and light. We are all here learning through experience. A great deal of learning happens through our unfortunate choices and actions. Reflection allows us to change and make better choices. You begin to see your place in the world. You are everything and nothing. Your choices become better and better as you learn and grow. As you turn inward and reflect, you become less and less concerned with what the others are doing. You take more and more right actions, and as you do that, everyone around you benefits.

So, say Hello to your 6th Chakra. Located at the brow. Imagine a windshield wiper clearing off the lens. Begin to ask yourself, “what do I see here?” In a gentle way, not a certain way, let yourself gather information and see what your 6th chakra is showing you. Have fun!

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