Action of the Heart

action of the heart poem

Behaviors are simply the physical manifestation of feelings. Learn to trust and feel your true nature and your behaviors will manifest their highest expression effortlessly and automatically. The reason this seems to “take time” is because once the truth is seen conceptually by the mind, awareness can begin to accompany the mind through each and every moment being manifested by the unconscious belief in separation, sometimes called the Ego. Literally the belief that you can be separate from your Source. As the mind sees its own illusions and silence begins to take its place through more present moments and you begin to feel the truth naturally, you will start to witness present moments where you see awareness catch the unconscious belief in the act, the very moment it emerges. This strengthens the feeling of your true nature as you actually witness its corrective power in action and begin to see that behavior change does not come from action of the mind, but by action of the heart.


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