Starcodes: May 10-16

Starcodes reading for the week of May 10-16, 2024

Mother’s Day weekend brings the peak of sensuous Taurus season. We can honor our first mother, the earth itself, as flowers explode, feeling our senses with color, scent, and the buzz of pollinating bees. The sun, Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter are all now close together in the earthy sign of Taurus, the earth can steady us as the Sun shoots off solar flares and conjuncts change-master Uranus to excite history and throw us some wild cards.

Venus and Mars are now in their own sign, Venus in earthy Taurus encourages emotional stability and the compassionate sensuality of this earth. It can also help us appreciate beauty and feel possesses towards the people and things we love. Mars in reactive Aries brings out our bravery and a feisty warrior archetype. While this can be great for spring fever and bring a spark to new relationships, it can also underline gender stereotypes unless we remember we each hold Venus and Mars within.

This week brings three irritating semi-squares between the planets which can make it tricky for us get our horses heading in the same direction – or get out of the barn door at the same time without jamming one another – hard to balance conflicting needs. The weekend begins as Mars semi-squares Uranus and stirs up tempers, occasional wild weather, and technical irritations. Venus semi-squares Neptune, which can be sweetly sentimental one minute, but could also inject awkward moments. It will be important to let go of dreamy expectations and look to see the wonders of what we really have. Use that Taurus steadiness and attention to garden life.

Over the weekend a sentimental Cancer Moon encourages us to tend home and family, though it can leave us sensitized to slights and painfully aware of who’s missing in our life. It’s a wonderful weekend to garden or wander amongst the spring glories as waxing Cancer Moon is a fertile time to plant in the garden and in the family’s hearts.

It could also be an unsettled time as the Sun conjunct change inducing Uranus, a time to move furniture or deal with questions around home, relocation, or domestic reorganization. We could find an unexpected turning point that eventually leads to a healthy new outcome. On Mother’s Day, consider breaking tradition to try something both unusual and comforting with the family or with our mother earth.

Our attention snaps back to ourselves and our direction early in the week under the Leo Moon. We can expect some grandstanding in the headlines, but on a more personal level it will be good to show appreciation to our allies. On Wednesday we enter a more pragmatic if stubborn time as thoughtful Mercury enters earthy Taurus, approaches a square to Pluto, and the Moon enters industrious Virgo. Together they can help us confront some difficult decisions; it will be important for us not to get discouraged but stay on track and work towards that next step.

starcodes astrology week of May 10 through 16

Friday, May 10: Let’s say what we mean, not what we don’t under this nerve nervy verbal Gemini Moon. Underlying worries can funnel tension into our words but not towards the people who deserve it as Mars semi-squares Uranus and Venus semi-squares Neptune. Speak to the real problem and don’t take anxiety out on safe people. Late night calls for comfort and cozy food as the Moon enters Cancer.

Moon sextile Mercury 11:13 AM, Mars semi- square Uranus 6:21 PM, Venus semi-square Neptune 6:27 PM, Moon square Neptune 7:48 PM, Moon enters Cancer 9:12 PM.

Saturday, May 11: We could all use time to make home feel more like home, or our garden feel more like a garden under this domestic Cancer Moon; plant seeds in the garden and in hearts. Midday could bring motivation or irritation as the Moon squares Mars; let the irritation motivate and tackle a problem. Turn the soil and avoid telling people what to do, let them find their own rhythm.

Moon square Mars 12:36 PM.

Sunday, May 12: Look for the loveliness in this day, let it be what it is, potentially not convenient, but full of the potential for new routines and traditions. Release expectations about what should happen and appreciate what the day brings as the Cancer Moon sextile Sun, Uranus, and Mercury. Late-night can get crabby as the Moon squares Mercury, don’t let the mind on the hamster wheel of worry, consider going to sleep early.

Moon sextile Venus 1:57 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:10 AM, Moon sextile Sun2:34 PM Moon sextile Uranus 3:28 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 10:52 PM Moon square Mercury 10:56 PM.

Monday, May 13: An unexpected day, it can be easy to be stuck in our own experience and ignore what others are going through as the Moon shifts into Leo in the Sun conjuncts Uranus, but most of us are going through some change or shift in our reality. Be both open to what arises and be there for old friends as Venus sextile Saturn. Consider releasing an element of the past while holding on to a deeper level of security and adventure.

Trine Neptune 3:12 AM, Sun conjunct Uranus 3:13 AM, Moon into Leo 4:36 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:34 AM, Venus sextile Saturn 1:45 PM.

Tuesday, May 14: Follow through on work in progress. To feel the love, give the love; when we talk to someone, let them be the center of our world for that minute and imagine what it’s like to be them. Then let’s come back to ourselves and take care of business. After a productive day, conflicting needs around dinnertime make it important that we take responsibility for our own emotions.

Moon trine Mars 12:48 AM, Moon square Venus 5:47 PM.

Wednesday, May 15: Pay attention to avoid unnecessary minor collisions and ego difficulties this morning as the Leo Moon squares Uranus, the Sun, and Jupiter, and Mercury enters Taurus. Hold ground when necessary but examine whether or not stubbornness is the most appropriate response. Move towards practical solutions and away from personality disputes; Facts and details matter more this afternoon as the Moon enters Virgo and trines Mercury. Listen for information about a new agenda arising.

Moon square Uranus 1:58 AM, Moon square Sun 5:47 AM, Moon square Jupiter 10:41 AM, Mercury enters Taurus 11:05 AM, Moon enters Virgo 3:32 PM, Moon trine Mercury 4:03 PM.

Thursday, May 16: We feel changes arising and can anxiously catastrophize things are worse than they are as Mercury approaches a square to Pluto and the Moon approaches a square to Saturn. Stay present, do not generalize, but do not underestimate the work needed. Over the next few weeks many of us approach a fork in the road and need to let go of one path in order to pursue the other.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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