Starcodes: May 17-23

Starcodes reading for the week of May 17-23, 2024

This week the stars asked us to weed and cultivate our garden, and run with that earthy metaphor throughout our life. But what’s a weed and what’s a plant worth fertilizing can be a very personal choice, we need to clarify our goal. Though it may be unloved by gardening magazines, the noble dandelion saves the early pollinators and offers us food with every part of its being.

Let’s take a good look at what really matters to us and nurture friendships, healthy habits, a community, or love interest close to our heart. Once we plant a seedling we can protect and nurture it, but we can’t hurry the process. The more we poke it or pull it, the slower the growth. This week that slow but steady blossoming is nurtured by five planets in fertile, earthy, comfort- loving Taurus. Taurus encourages deep roots, people and politics can also show its incredibly stubborn side.

But the planets also call us to weed and remove the tangled blocks to our growth as well as mourn and compost what no longer grows as Mercury in Taurus now squares Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. We may need to reckon with some sadness, some Plutonian realization or tough decision which loomed in March and now needs reckoning; Mercury almost hit this point before it retrograded in early April and now works its way back. A healthy forest is not static, it’s in a constant state of new growth from old compost.

After a somewhat cranky Friday the mood opens up into a heartfelt interpersonally connected weekend as the Sun conjuncts expansive Jupiter while Venus conjuncts Uranus, all in grounded Taurus. Plant new seedlings of new connections, skills, and concepts.

On Monday the energy begins to shift as the Sun leaves grounded Taurus and enters nervy, buzzing Gemini, trine Pluto. Our attention span shortens and our interests roam farther afield. The Moon also enters deep Scorpio, running strong undercurrents underneath the surface extroversion.

Later in the week the Moon waxes full in Sagittarius, sign of the traveler. Known as the Flower Moon or Planting Moon, it can bring a touch of wanderlust and encourages us to wander and watch flowering plants glow in the Moonlight. As the Sun trines deepening Pluto and Moon sextile Pluto, it can also bring a bittersweet end to one chapter and help us seed a new one. It could be time to say goodbye to schoolmates or to a limited mindset or shallow way of seeing the world.

That Sagittarius Full Moon points to the far horizons. Love the neighborhood yet consider packing those bags for Zimbabwe. It’s time to think locally but act globally as we notice world events can open our hearts and affect us locally. Explore food from another culture, be drawn to foreign accents, connect the natural world, and consider dancing the night away.

starcodes astrology week of May 17 through 23

Friday, May 17: Don’t be a perfectionist; do identify a problem or need as Mercury squares Pluto and semi-squares Jupiter under a diligent Virgo Moon. A situation can feel just not right even though we’re learning our way through. Step past self-consciousness by focusing on incremental growth. Patience. After some late afternoon worries as Mercury semi-squares Saturn, the evening opens up and we can celebrate our recent accomplishments.

Mercury square Pluto 1:43 AM, Moon opposes Saturn 3:48 AM, Mars semi-square Jupiter 10 AM, Moon trine Venus 1:14 PM, Moon trine Uranus 2:53 PM, Mercury semi square Saturn 6 PM, Moon trine Sun 11:53 PM.

Saturday, May 18: Breathe fresh air this morning. Release yesterday’s tension and find new ways to laugh and collaborate under a friendly Libra Moon. Hear the call to fresh territory; make new connections or experiment creatively as Venus conjuncts change-inducing Uranus while the Sun conjunct expansive Jupiter. Don’t discard the familiar unnecessarily while reaching out for something new, let’s value all the ways that Venus can shine into our lives.

Moon trine Jupiter 12:41 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 3:08 AM, Moon enters Libra 4:22 AM, Venus conjunct Uranus 5:40 AM, Moon trine Pluto 8:31 AM, Sun conjunct Jupiter 12:45 PM.

Sunday, May 19: Rest up this morning, luxuriate and feed the senses. Water the garden. The Libra Moon opposes Mars in the morning and points out where we’ve been too busy, are now tired and need to refill the wells. A dreamy day to consider possibilities, dream the future into being as the Sun sextile Neptune. Introspect now, the world gets busier this week.

Moon opposed Mars 9:48 AM, Sun sextile Neptune 4:45 PM.

Monday, May 20: Primal undercurrents run under our busy minds and it will take self-awareness to integrate these very different signals. Feel the buzz grow as the Sun enters nervy, cross-pollinating Gemini and helps us look farther afield while the Scorpio Moon taps into deeper emotions. People may talk a good cheerful game, but we can still perceive their doubts or suspicions underneath. Both impressions are true.

Sun enters Gemini 6:59 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 4:34 PM, Moon square Pluto 8:33 PM.

Tuesday, May 21: Feel that desire to live a bigger life, step more into our power and potential as the Sun trines Pluto. We could feel a nervous pressure or irritable anxiety and impatience as the Sun semi-squares Mars under that broody and focused Scorpio Moon. Notice a grumbling inner dialogue and tend the roots of worry underneath. Remember we can’t push the growth but we can nurture it.

Moon opposed Mercury 8:18 AM, Sun semi-square Mars 10:01 AM.

Wednesday, May 22: There’s still so much going on underneath, layers of mixed feelings, but our inner determination along with recent pruning of our life could show positive results as the Sun trine Pluto. Make a pragmatic change, be willing to take a hint from the cosmos this afternoon; channel restlessness and move the furniture or try a new route this afternoon as the waxing Moon opposes Uranus. Find what needs to shift and shift it.

Moon trine Saturn 4:02 AM, Sun trine Pluto 9:13 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 2:23 PM.

Thursday, May 23: Anything can happen as a wild full Moon in restless outspoken Sagittarius calls us to frolic in the wild and speak up without a sting but with complete authenticity. Just make sure the audience is ready to hear it. Open to possibility as Venus conjunct Jupiter and enters Gemini, and Jupiter conjuncts Neptune. These aspects can open our sense of possibility and help us perceive how close our dreams could be, but we can be blinded by our fears and hopes for the future and miss the gift in the moment. Don’t miss that first step. Be careful around a craving for sweets and ask what’s the true hunger.

Moon opposed Venus 1:06 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 1:13 AM, Moon trine Neptune 1:27 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 2:24 AM, Venus conjunct Jupiter 2:29 AM, Venus sextile Neptune 4:50 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 6:10 AM, Moon opposed Sun 7:53 AM, Venus enters Gemini 2:30 PM, Jupiter sextile Neptune 3:44 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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