Starcodes: June 21-27

Starcodes reading for the week of June 21-27, 2024

This first week of summer brings lightning bugs, long leisurely evenings, forest fires, and interesting layers of family responsibility. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus now in oceanic Cancer ask us to take care of the business on the home front and in the home country.

Our weekend begins with a full Moon in Capricorn; while the Cancer planets highlight our inner world, this Moon tells us we still have work to do. This Moon can help us do what’s needed around the house, or handle an emergency, but it can also bring out our anxiety and desire to control our situation and stir control issues within the family and neighborhood

Let’s put that Capricorn full Moon to good use and keep it out of trouble over the weekend, whether we work on chores around the house or travel plans, reorganizing the garden or engaging in politics as the Capricorn Moon trines Mars. Watch out for an existential grumpiness, redirect the mood rather than take it out on one another. Impatience can bring defensive responses as Mercury sextiles Mars and semi-squares Uranus. But we can get things done and will feel a great sense of satisfaction if we do. Let’s just not tell each other what to do and tend to our own business.

Sunday night through Tuesday a collaborative Aquarius Moon helps us socialize but we may need time to adjust to different personalities and rhythms. Venus semi-square Uranus which help us make adjustments and enjoy connecting to the people around us, which is good for meeting new people in the neighborhood or reconnecting with family after time apart. Just give everyone time to adjust.

Our feelings sensitize and our minds sharpen later in the week, we can engage great deep conversations as the Moon enters Pisces while mental Mercury trines thoughtful Saturn. It’s a good time to talk over deeper things or think about our mutual responsibilities. We can also just enjoy the details of a good summer book or the craft in a good summer project.

starcodes astrology week of June 21 through 27

Friday, June 21: Deadlines might breathe on us, but we’ll be more efficient if we can laugh while we work as Mercury sextiles impatient Mars under an active, scattering, Sagittarius Moon. Be truthful, authentic, but keep it on point and don’t waste anyone’s time. This afternoon it’s easier to concentrate but we could feel we need to control our circumstances as the Moon waxes full in Capricorn at 7:08 PMR MDT while Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Tonight, we need tact and room to breathe. But that full Moon can pour into our hearts and remind us of what matters.

Mercury sextile Mars 10:22 AM, Moon square Neptune 4:58 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:08 PM, Moon opposed Sun 7:07 PM, Mercury semi-square Mars 11:02 PM.

Saturday, June 22: Morning could bring a sense of urgency or concern, it can be hard to kick back for the weekend, though we’ll feel more comfortable, more able to unwind, after we get a few things done. The Sun quincunx Pluto imparts a sense of incompleteness, and the industrious Capricorn Moon opposes Venus and Mercury and calls us to respond. Diffuse an argument over differences in timing or priorities midday as the Moon opposes Mercury. Be inspiring, not pushy, in this competent if emotionally rocky energy field.

Moon opposed Venus 4:19 AM, Sun quincunx Pluto 6 AM, Moon trine Mars 10:37 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 1:24 PM.

Sunday, June 23: Make a great breakfast and organize for the summer. It’s not an easy time to relax, so put any discomfort to good use and make the nest more comfortable. Don’t get defensive if people nearby are uncomfortable; instead- put them to work, give them a task or ask them what they really want to be doing. Tonight, the mood grows less pushy and more sociable as the Moon enters Aquarius, though we can still feel haunted or alone in a crowd as that Moon conjuncts Pluto. Share in the depths, feel a connection to all sentient beings.

Moon sextile Saturn 3:01 AM, Moon trine Uranus 1:19 PM, Moon sex tile Neptune 9:05 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 9:14 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 11:50 PM.

Monday, June 24: Contemplate one’s place in the community under the collaborative Aquarius Moon trine Jupiter and square Mars; find a balance between connecting with the collective and forging an independent path. There is no need to push people away, though it may be tempting this afternoon as the Moon squares Mars calls for extra breathing room. We cannot live for other people’s opinions– we have no control over them, but we can live by what matters to us. Lead by example. In the long run, that is what will bring like souls towards us.

Moon trine Jupiter 8:51 AM, Moon square Mars 4:58 PM.

Tuesday, June 25: Some way we express our love, our affection, our artistry, or compassion needs changing or adjusting as Venus semi-squares Uranus. Or we may need to adjust to another person’s changes and give them room to evolve. We may need to detach but not disconnect. Notice any irritation towards beloveds or work in progress; experiment with what’s needed to make the flow more comfortable.

Moon sextile Chiron 12:30 PM, Venus semi- square Uranus 1:01 PM, Moon square Uranus 4:29 PM.

Wednesday, June 26: Our hearts and minds can work well, but not our practicality or common sense. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces and turns up the volume on our feelings as it trines the gentle Cancer planets- while mental Mercury trines sane, rigorous Saturn and helps us think through possibilities to form a plan. Remember people are feeling hypersensitive; we may get a revelation but don’t need to speak it unless it’s also kind and necessary. Honor vulnerability; be both kind and real.

Moon enters Pisces 12:07 AM, Moon trine sun 9:25 AM, Mercury trine Saturn 12:09 PM, Moon square Jupiter 12:26 PM, Moon trine Venus 8:33 PM, Moon sex tile Mars 10:26 PM.

Thursday, June 27: If we feel the need for stability and roots, some tradition, habit, or old family recipe can offer comfort and a solution this morning as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. By midday people are willing to have a real conversation; they can go deep tangentially- but will want to avoid direct confrontation as the Moon trines Mercury. Tonight, we can laugh about a former problem Moon sextiles Uranus– but would rather no one laughs at us.

Moon conjunct Saturn 8:57 AM, Moon trine Mercury 12:11 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 7:22 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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