My Intention: to be Love in Action Each Moment!

Shaping and initiating intention to direct my life is my most revered spiritual practice. By shaping and initiating intention, I focus the spiritual energy of my life. My thoughts carry my intention into manifestation. That is why it is so important to be conscious!

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts held in mind create after their kind. That means: What I dwell on each moment manifests in my life. If I want the presence and feeling of divine love, I must focus on that presence and feeling. I must believe I am worthy of that Infinite Presence dwelling in me. My overarching intention is to answer the questions "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" By living the presence of divine love to the best of my ability in each moment, I live my true identity and I accomplish my spiritual purpose. I feel like that is my purpose in this lifetime. I do believe that is why we’re all here in this life!

Shaping and initiating intention is particularly important to me when my energy level seems low or when my life isn’t outpicturing the results I would like as quickly as I might hope. The difficult times are pointed reminders for me to focus within on the presence of love that is within me, instead of focusing on what I think hasn’t yet manifested in the way I would like it to, in the timeline I am dictating! That’s a humorous, gentle key for me. It is a reminder to relax and calmly focus my thoughts on an attitude of thanksgiving. An attitude of thanksgiving acknowledges my oneness with the flow of blessings. An attitude of fear and worry activates a separation from the flow of blessings. An attitude of thanksgiving will open all the doors. The doors are already open. My correct perception will clear the way for the outpouring of everpresent blessings.

I keep coming back into this awareness throughout my life journey. I understand that to be part of my human journey. I lose focus sometimes. I lose faith sometimes. Correct perception will bring me back into focus. Correct perception is affirming a thought like "I am happy now" rather than "I’ll be happy when" or "I’ll be happy if." "I am happy now" is the ultimate acknowledgment that "the answer" is already present in Spirit in me! By holding to that truth, blessings will outpicture in my life. I will see the results of whatever thought I put my faith in each moment. The outpicturing will be that clear!

In the spirit of "seeing results," August is the time of year when the Earth-based tradition I practice celebrates Lammas, the second harvest festival of the agricultural growing season. I celebrate this festival by giving thanks for the harvest of blessings in my life. I celebrate my tenacity, my optimism, my faithfulness, my spirit of generosity – all the gifts of my spiritual life that mean so very much to me. Focusing on a spirit of thanksgiving is the spiritual principle that activates the flow of blessings in life!

I use this time of year to focus my intentions on the final harvest of the growing season in October. I use these seasonal timelines to remind myself of the natural rhythms of life: Be active! Prepare! Reap! Give thanks! Rest! Begin again! Aligning my intentions with the natural rhythms of life uplifts, strengthens and encourages me. Aligning my intentions with the natural rhythms of life also reduces my frustration and impatience. This whole alignment process is an invaluable life-sustaining discipline and blessing that allows me to maintain my intention of living a loving, joyful, peaceful, faithful life. I truly couldn’t do without this discipline and blessing in my life.

I have witnessed the results of my intentional focus in my personal and professional life. I know that my life has been a blessing to me and to others and I am very grateful. I mention this, because sometimes I feel downhearted. I forget how "impact-full" my thoughts, actions and presence are! Then a compliment or an action reminds me that I am being noticed! I am having an impact! I use these reminders as encouragements to remember who I truly am, to keep going, keep working, keep focusing on my spiritual essence! I am grateful that my example is meaningful and inspirational. I am aware that by my example, friendship, and mentoring people have been encouraged and uplifted.

That gift of faith in me is so awesomely overwhelming and gratifying. I truly believe that is how powerful we all are! That is what the gift of our intentional focus can be for us and for others. We all have individual gifts to share that make this world a wonderful place to be! I am grateful for those who have been a blessing in my life as well. I am changed for the better by their influence. We are all blessings of love in action! I am so grateful for this spiritual intention and action in the world within me and all around me. Blessings of divine love to you!!



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