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Dolores Cannon presents "The Convoluted Universe" from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 6, at Edge Life Expo. Advance tickets are $22 thru 11/2, and $24 at the door. Visit uptowntix or call (612) 604-4466. Complete expo details are at

Dolores Cannon, a regressive hypnotherapist for more than 30 years, has authored and published 13 books about the "lost" knowledge, including: Conversations with Nostradamus Volumes I, II and III; Between Death and Life; The Custodians; Jesus and the Essenes; They Walked with Jesus, Legacy From The Stars; The Legend of Starcrash; Keepers of the Garden; Hiroshima; The Convoluted Universe Book I and II.

In August of this year, Discovery TV featured a special on Prophesies with Dolores Cannon. Dolores is dedicated to teaching her somnambulistic level of hypnosis technique all over the world. She has been a guest on more than 1,000 radio talk shows, including Art Bell’s "Dream Land" and Shirley MacLaine’s program. Her latest book, The Convoluted Universe: Book II, was released in June.Dolores Cannon

A two-time presenter at Edge Life Expo, Dolores Cannon discussed her new book in a telephone interview with Edge Life.

In your chapter, "An Energy Being Creates," I was very interested in the statement that our soul’s first experience on Earth started at a basic level to experience gaseous, rocks, plants and animals. This allows the soul to understand the connectedness of all life and lays the groundwork that prepares the soul for an experience in a human body. Share with us what you have learned about Earth being a special planet.
Dolores Cannon:
First of all, the part about gases, rocks and what happens when you die and the different level you go through was first brought up in my book, Between Death and Life. Also, we need to remember that we have had lessons to learn from past lives on other planets. The main lessons on the free will planet of Earth are emotions and limitations.

Earth is a living being, just like all the suns and other planets. Everything is alive, because everything is energy. Earth has a love energy that is very unique in the universe. Earth is a special planet and meeting place for other souls, and other groups from other areas, other dimensions. It is kind of like Shangri-La on Earth.

What were you feeling when you first received information on the New Earth and the ascension of humans into a higher dimension of reality?
I have been receiving strange and unusual information for many years and am only given what I can digest at a given time in my life. The material I am receiving now I could never have understood when I started this work more than 30 years ago.

The material on the New Earth has been coming through many of my clients who live in various parts of the world. Earth is going through a transformation and time is speeding up. If you are sensitive to physical changes, you will notice that your body is also changing at the same time the earth’s vibrations and frequencies are changing. As the earth shifts, people will notice their diet changing and will gradually get to the point that they will not want heavy foods, allowing the body to become lighter in order to make the shift to the New Earth.

Tell us what the New Earth in the new dimension will be like. Will all humans make this ascension?
The New Earth is going to be lighter, beautiful and peaceful beyond your comprehension – with colors you cannot imagine. At first, you can choose to continue with the physical body but then your body will eventually become lighter and lighter to where you will turn into a light being, because there will not be any need for a physical body.

The new earth will have no room for any negativity at all. People who choose to stay on the old earth will not even know that anything has happened. They will stay on the old earth to finish their karma and then will reincarnate to somewhere else.

You are a UFO Investigator and have written four books on extraterrestrials. I am interested in why extraterrestrials from other universes are interested in what is happening to Earth?
The main reason that the extraterrestrials are so interested in what is happening on earth is because extraterrestrials created the people on earth and earth is one of the most beautiful planets that they have visited. This is covered in depth in my book, Keepers of the Garden.

Planet earth was to be a beautiful and perfect world where no one ever got sick and no one ever died. There were things that happened that changed all of that, and diseases like cancer have entered into the picture. Extraterrestrials are very concerned about the pollution in the air, additives in the food and what we are doing to our bodies. ETs are doing testing and sampling of human bodies so they can understand how our bodies are changing and develop cures for diseases like cancer that will be given to the doctors.

All of the universe will be watching when we make this ascension into the new dimension, because this is the first time an entire planet has ever done this. Extraterrestrials are all waiting to see what will happen.

When reading your books, I get the impression that the entities giving you this lost knowledge care about you and give you advice about your own health and well-being. Are the entities that talk to you ascended masters, archangels, angels, spirit guides or extraterrestrials?
I explain in the beginning of the book that the part of the person I communicate with is much larger than ascended masters and archangels, angels and spirit guides, who are all individuals – and for a lot of people, that is as much as they can comprehend.

When I am working with the people on the therapy with the hypnosis technique that I have developed, I take them into the somnambulistic state and we communicate with what I call the subconscious, but it is bigger than the individual subconscious. You may call it the "Oversoul" or the higher consciousness or super-consciousness. When I have asked them who they are, they say it would be more accurate to call them "The Collective," because they only communicate with the plural WE.

"The Collective" do know me personally and give me information and guidance. They will tell me if I am not to go somewhere. They have told me to do less traveling and conferences and to focus on teaching more and the writing. They told me to open an office in town and let the people come to me. Two or three years ago I was told to stop my Pepsi drinking, sugar intake and given a completely new diet. One of the reasons I am still very healthy and active doing my work at 74 years of age is because they care about me and look after me.

Your commitment to your life work keeps you very busy. Please share with us the importance of finding a balance between the two worlds of day-to-day life on Earth and metaphysics
I do feel I live in two worlds. It is so easy to go overboard within the metaphysical world, especially with the travel and attention given to me. Fortunately I live on top of a mountain surrounded by woods and nature that is very peaceful and isolated. This is my retreat where I can recharge my battery by getting away from the energy of the cities and people. My husband passed away several years ago, so my family – four children, 11 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren – help to keep me balanced. They pull me back down and keep me attached to the real world.

To learn more about Dolores Cannon and her published work, visit or call 1 (800) 935-0045.



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