Edge Life Presenting Events To Showcase Holistic Alternatives

    Thank you for reading the Edge Life magazine. We truly appreciate our readers and advertisers for their support. During the next three months, the Edge Life family will offer the Mid-America region a myriad of information and events that you have asked and been waiting for:

    – This October issue includes the acclaimed 2006 Edge Life Directory. Visit www.edgelife.net/directories/.

    James Van Praagh, a world-respected communicator and co-executive producer of "Ghost Whisperer," a number one show on CBS, will be hosted by Edge Life Events at the Earle Brown Center on Friday, Oct. 6.

    – The sixth-annual Edge Life Expo will take place at the Minneapolis Convention Center on November 10, 11 and 12. This is the largest event of its type in Mid-America. We will present three keynote speakers, eight guest speakers, more than 70 free workshops, 150 exhibitors, 12 intuitive readers and – for the first-time, "The Healing Forum," featuring Echo Bodine, Carol Lowell, Ron Moor, Mirtha Solis and Jim Nance. Everyone who attends will receive a free healing.

    Sue Storm, The Angel Lady, a regular guest on the Brad Walton show on WCCO on Saturday nights and national recognized speaker, will be hosted by Edge Life on December 8 and 9 at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

    We attempt to engage you monthly with the cutting edge alternatives available in the global holistic community in Edge Life magazine. Our staff has committed to be more aggressive in presenting greater insight into how the holistic way of life meshes and integrates with daily life experiences.

    If you take the take time to talk with long-time friends, family members or work associates and really listen to them, many do not know what is going on around them. What realities and choices are available to them! This is the number one reason we produce the magazine and events. We present holistic choices that often are more healthy than the way we typically live. You can also offer them insight by sharing with them what is available in our fair cities.

    Without question, we are experiencing changes at this moment that modern civilization has not seen or expected. We can help each other, if we only stop to look, listen and be open to different ways of life and have great compassion.



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