Turning Towards Home

    by Norma Gentile with Archangel Michael and Atamira

    As we face 2007, the sometimes planet (and always powerful) Pluto faces Galactic Center. This brings what I call Grandfather energy directly to bear upon whatever we each need most to transform. And of course, what we most need to change is also that which we most strive to tuck away, far away, and out of even our own sight.

    Pluto has been for some time moving towards Galactic Center (the physical center of our galaxy), which is where the new Sacred Masculine is coming from. It is the loving touch of this wise energy that lets us transform our shadows, rather than being swallowed up by them.

    I was told many years ago that the Sacred Masculine contains the wild card for this round of ascension. And it is hidden in the physical bodies of men. Pluto was in a perfect alignment with this not-yet-known Grandfather energy at the end of this past December and moves around that alignment for many months to come.

    And the good news? This Sacred Masculine Grandfather energy lets us learn what it is that we have put into storage as a shadow. Our choice now is to either fear it, or see it as something that our soul is ready to change. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I might rephrase that in this instance to: "When the soul is ready, the tools will be given."

    There have been two strong trends in our energetic advancement: the High Heart opening (thymus gland chakra) and the navel chakra clearing. Both lay the foundation to take advantage of the incoming touch of Sacred Masculine from Grandfather.

    When the thymus gland is open, it has permission to say "no" and mean it. This allows us to tune the navel chakra prana, the life force that infuses every cell of our bodies, to us, and only us.

    Think and feel this statement. The navel is physically where the umbilical cord has been. This cord carried not just the nutrients into us while we were in our mother’s womb, but also brought to us much of the energy blueprint that informed and perhaps created our beliefs.

    Believing that you have the right to be happy only after everyone else is happy is a prime example of the navel chakra tuned to this energy blueprint. It comes not just from your mother, or your grandmother, but from a belief held in the collective unconscious of humanity. Cutting the energy cord at your navel to that belief is the key to weaning yourself, and others, from giving it power. The moment we do not serve this belief, we have the ability to hear what it is that the High Heart is speaking to us.

    Why is the High Heart so important?

    From Archangel Michael:

    High Heart allows us to like certain things and to dislike other things. High Heart gives us permission to take all of the unconditional love of the traditional or lower Heart Chakra, turn it into a laser beam, and focus it directly on what is ours to do in this lifetime. For this reason, High Heart says "no" 99.9 percent of the time to all that is around us.

    As we look around, we see the needs and wants of others, the absences and voids in work or in organizations, and things that simply feel like they need to be done. To all of these things, High Heart simply replies, "If it isn’t mine to do, I don’t want to do it." That is its role, to say "no, no, no, no and again no" so that when the soul turns and sees exactly what it is supposed to do, High Heart says, "Yes, that is what I’m here to do."

    When High Heart says yes, we need to listen. When it says no, we need to let it be, and not continue to force it to say yes instead. Giving permission for High Heart to say no means giving yourself permission to say no. And this can be a learning process about ourselves, and why we have learned to please others before listening to our own heart.

    We need to give ourselves permission to hear no, so that we can hear yes. Letting the traditional Heart Chakra be set at unconditional love, loving everyone and everything without condition, we then let the High Heart be set exactly in turn with our soul’s journey. What is it that your gifts, your talents are meant to do in this lifetime, in the here and now?

    The backside of the High Heart is frequently full of guides and angels pushing in against the upper back, between the shoulder blades. These have come as a response to our trying to say "yes" when we meant "no." They came in response to our asking for help to do what was not really ours to do. Together, you and these guides tried to turn the no into a yes. You thought you were supposed to be able to do everything that you saw needed doing – heal every wound, fill every need. And, just like your "yes" to filling these needs really didn’t fit your soul or body, the guides or angels who came also don’t fit your soul or body. Letting go of them allows you space to welcome those guides and angels who come when you hear a "yes."

    What is yours to do in this lifetime, right now?

    If you do something that isn’t yours to do, two things happen. You take away someone else’s chance to experience the learning and growth they would receive by doing it. And while you are preoccupied with the task, who is doing what you are meant to be doing?

    Give yourself permission to say no, and to hear no when it comes from within you. This never impacts your expression of unconditional love from the traditional Heart Chakra. When you allow the High Heart to speak clearly, it will open more strongly when it says yes. As you let High Heart say both yes and no, you will find something magical happening. Both heart chakras will open. They become attuned to each other, and create a heart space spanning your entire chest. This is the Universal Heart. When this is happening, you are experiencing your soul’s journey.

    From Atamira:

    High Heart is a gift formed from our love of humanity. This gift, carved into physical form and placed so close the human heart, is meant to direct the heart, much as turning a paddle gently guides a canoe. "Follow your heart" truly means to follow the guidance that has already been placed within you. How else can spirit speak to you, but through this gift given to you? One is never afraid of one’s strength when that strength comes from a heart in true alignment with spirit.

    Blessings to each of you within these quiet days of holy contemplation.



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