Grounding with the Earth

    A recent grounding workshop at Minnehaha Falls Park made me aware of all the supportive energy I have taken from the Earth, particularly during my transition from banker to energy healer.

    But what is grounding, you ask?

    My definition of grounding is to consciously connect our body’s energy with the Earth’s energy. Obviously, we are connected to the Earth’s energy through gravity, the food we eat, and the simple act of breathing. But how often do we focus on that connection? When I focus through grounding, the feeling of connection is amplified, bringing with it an increased energy flow and a sense of well-being.

    While sitting on the grass surrounded by beautiful old oak trees, I led the workshop participants through three normal grounding postures: kneeling, sitting and standing.

    When you hold your hands in prayer fashion in front of the middle of your chest while kneeling, you understand why prayer of this style can be a moving experience.

    Then we practiced grounding while seated, which can be powerful. Some people imagine their tailbone uncurling and going straight into the Earth. I focus on the perineum (at the center of the bottom of the torso) and imagine a beam of light or a root going straight down into the Earth. Then I envision the Earth’s energy flowing up this beam or root and moving through the body. This can be done while sitting on the ground or the floor, in a chair or even in a car. (I tend to ground at red lights while waiting in the car.)

    And then, because most of us neglect our feet, we lovingly massaged them to work out any sore spots.

    I had them stop after working on one foot, and stand up. People described the different feelings between the two feet. The foot they’d worked on felt lighter, more expansive and connected to the earth. Some remarked that the entire side of the body, not only the foot, was affected by the massage.

    While working on the other foot, I talked about how we ignore our feet, or perhaps we view them as unattractive or dirty. Rarely do we honor them for the work they do in carrying and supporting our bodies.

    Next, I asked the participants to stand and to close their eyes to reduce self-consciousness and help focus on their internal experience. I led them in a visualization of our bodies as trees, our roots going down into the Earth, the energy flowing back up the roots through our trunks, out our limbs, and out the crowns of our heads. (Ever wonder why we share these anatomical terms with trees?)

    The mind doesn’t place a priority on what we see with our eyes over what we visualize, so our focus-along with our intent-can lead to very powerful outcomes.

    When allowed, your energetic body can experience going as deep and as high as the tree, with the energy encircling your body and flowing through. I believe that is our natural state.

    I concluded with the suggestion that participants increase their sense of well-being and energy flow by placing their hands mid-chest. This fills their heart centers with the energy they have encountered, and opens the door to healing and their capacity for forgiveness.

    One of the participants shared that she felt most grounded when she danced the salsa. Hers was a great observation. Although her feet may be less active in the grounding process, she is perhaps grounding through her lower torso, as well as her heart, because she loves to dance.

    Others feel grounded walking through the woods, having a heartfelt conversation, making love, practicing yoga or even knitting. The key is to find what helps you feel connected and open, grounded and centered, and that allows you to live powerfully and with joy.

    This workshop reminded me that playing, exploring and spontaneity create joy in life. We may be particularly good at one way of grounding, but we should remain open to experience both breadth and depth. Another may have exposure to many grounding methods but need to practice one or two every day to deepen the experience.

    "After the workshop I felt a deep sense of peace and balance, like I have never experienced before, I felt young and full of life," said one of the participants who wrote to me not long after the session in the park. "With this workshop I was plugged into the earth’s energy and was open to love and gratitude for all things. This amazing sensation lasted almost a week!"

    This is such a wonderful practice for us. It is our birthright. With a little bit of guidance and training we can become effective at it-and it’s free!



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