How long can we live?


My guides, the Light Collective, teach that two of the core principles of life are that we create with our thoughts and activate with our emotions. If this is true, though, why do we so often set intentions and nothing happens? I get asked this question a lot from very frustrated people who are activating and intending and manifesting and not seeing their intended results.

One thing we need to remember is that we do not live in a bubble, alone from the rest of the world. While we are creating and manifesting, others are doing the same. Lately, it feels like a whole lot of the rest of the world are dwelling in a fear-based mentality. And, we cannot change what other people choose to manifest. We are unlikely to change the economy or the government or the health care system, at least until a large group of us coordinately agree and set that intention. We also are not likely to change our spouse or our kids or our boss, until and unless they decide they want to change. What we can change, however, is how we view this situation and how we let it affect us.

Just recently I had someone ask me why we have to die. That is a complicated issue, of course, but a quick answer is that, as a cosmic consciousness of humanity, we all believe that we will. Even if I could change my belief in the inevitability of my body dying (and I highly doubt that I could) I still live in a sea of people who believe it. What is interesting is that, as a society, we are now believing in a much longer life expectancy.

Not so very long ago, people who lived into their 40s were considered elders. Now, as we all know, 40 is the new 30, 60 is the new 40, and so on. And, as a large number of us believe this, it actually becomes true. People are looking and acting far younger than they did at a comparable age only years ago. Life expectancy continues to increase. I think life expectancy is increasing, not because of better medical care or nutrition, but because a core group of us changed our belief in how long we could expect to live.

The true life of expectancy (at this time) for a human is about 120 years. This is likely to continue to increase, although, of course, if we all changed our mind we could lower it again. I have decided to set my intention to live a vibrant and healthy life for all my years and to live it to my full life expectancy. I am throwing out a challenge to all of you to do the same.

The serenity prayer is a marvelous piece of simple truth. Accepting what we cannot change (or manifest) and changing what we can is perhaps the key to a joyous life. The wisdom to know which is which is tricky, but certainly within our grasp.

So, this month, consider what it is you can change in your life. So many “new age” people have told me they don’t really want to be on this planet and they wish they could leave. Well, they can, of course. But, heck, we are here. Why not spend our visit to planet Earth with as much joy and vitality as we can create? And, as a group, would it not be fascinating to see how long we can stretch this visit, remaining vital, strong and joyful?



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