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Question: Do you feel that there is a force operating in the world that is negative or oppositional to our spiritual development, and if so, how does that force interfere with our ability to create the reality we want?
The current paradigm is aligned with a historical force that opposes freedom and the beckoning new paradigm aligns with a force that promotes freedom. The force that opposes freedom, although formidable, cannot interfere with our creation of our reality without our submissive cooperation.

Our lives reflect the force with which we primarily align. For example, we have the power to choose a reality that is aligned with evolution. If we are creating a reality aligned with evolution, we will have an experiential sense of personal authenticity and freedom, expansion, eagerness, expectancy, purpose and fulfillment. On the other hand, if we are creating a reality with devolution, we will have an experiential sense of pretense, constriction, apathy, bleakness, angst, isolation and depletion.

As spiritual adults responding to these two forces, we have the skill to recognize that as part of the historical, oppressive paradigm, many truths about the nature and structure of divinity and our place and purpose within the overall cosmic design have been withheld, distorted and falsified in various conspiratorial efforts, and that the conspiracies designed to control and manipulate the masses are now moving toward a crescendo of domination – final efforts to maintain supremacy. Our willingness to acknowledge that these conspiracies exist is the first and most important step in taking back our power and moving toward greater levels of freedom.

Furthermore, the force that opposes evolution works through our ego mind, and our ego mind will always endeavor to delude us into believing that we are spiritually insignificant. Another way that force interferes with our ability to create the reality we want is that it feeds upon our avoidance, denial and compliance and taunts us to succumb to mediocrity, flattery and the ceaseless indulgence of self-diminishing desires.

Detaching ourselves from the terrain of the ego and the world mind matrix is the only way out. One of the ways to do this is to venture forth from any and all prisons of disempowering habitual submission to acceptance, conformity and comfortable mediocrity. It is time to cast off anything and everything that interferes with our full self-expression; that thwarts our spiritual progress and/or circumvents our fulfillment. It is vital that we take these kinds of transformative steps every day, because the continual emergence of our divine nature and fulfillment depends upon it.

As co-creators, we are destined to become the living, breathing embodiment of authenticity, freedom and celebration – the archetypes of the new paradigm. It is important to remember that all previous paradigm shifts are testaments to those who rose to accomplish the task of casting off the shackles of inauthenticity and powerlessness. We no longer need to only dream of self-governing spiritual freedom. We have the unique opportunity to participate in its emergence.



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