Be the Balance

I was watching the latest episode of “Fringe” last night and one of the statements made on the show was something that I totally agree with: “Nature knows only that which is in balance and that which is not in balance.”

Wow! What an awesome statement about balance and imbalance. The beauty is that nature does not struggle with balance and imbalance. Whatever takes place just is what it is. Yet for us, don’t we struggle and try to create, maintain and hold onto our own perception of balance, that which is the cause of the imbalance in our lives? Fear, concern, apprehension, anxiety and uncertainty of the unknown and unexpected can be very unnerving, to say the least.

Why is it that so many individuals work so diligently to maintain and create a sustainable balance in their lives while trying to offset and counteract the inevitable imbalance they do not desire to experience? I am aware that trillions throughout this universe are trying to achieve the same balance, by fighting that which is perceived to be the imbalance of the current vibrational shift. But a vibrational shift is all about change, hence the word “shift!” Change is all about the growth and evolution of each conscious essence of Self!

I am aware that the current vibrational shift is not being welcomed and accepted by all individual energies of Self throughout this universe. Why? For many in the spirit realm, the challenge is the same as it is for human beings. With no clear understanding of what will unfold in the many tomorrows ahead, being in the present moment of now, without a concern, can be personally and energetically challenging.

So, how can you balance and maintain your energetic vibrations as we continue to move closer to December 21, 2012 and beyond? Unconditional acceptance!

Many on this Earth and in the Heavens have been trying to protect themselves from those energies they do not desire to experience. But it is impossible to protect your Self and your Energy from all invading energies of this universe. For me it has never been about protecting my energy. It’s about being the “balance” – totally vulnerable and susceptible to all energy in every moment, and yet consciously present and aware that it is just an experience, nothing more, nothing less.

BE the balance or experience the imbalance. It all starts with You! There are many here on Earth who still pray to others in the unseen realms to create or give to them what they do not believe they are capable of giving their own Self. When you look to something outside of your own Self to quell the imbalance within, the imbalance may subside, but it never completely goes away. When you look within your Self to realize there is more to you than any other can give to you, your vibrational energy will increase. You become the “I AM Source” that you may have believed could only be given by another.

If you own the fear, concern, apprehension, anxiety and uncertainty of the unknown and unseen tomorrows, the energies of fear, concern, apprehension, anxiety and uncertainty realized in your present moment of now will own you! The more you battle to sustain and maintain a higher vibration, the lower your vibrational energy will go. The more freely you can accept and go with the flow, (embodying unconditional acceptance), the more free you will be within, to be one with the flow you cannot see but is always present within you! No prayers required.

How can you maintain a higher and increasing level of vibration as we move closer to 2012? Be the balance no matter how many trees fall around you or earthquakes rumble under your feet! Through it all, it is all about You. It all begins with and within You, the “I AM Source” you have not yet fully realized your Self to be!


  1. Great job Rick. I saw that episode of Fringe as well and that comment caught my attention too. Nature isn’t sitting around passing judgement. It simply *is* and it moves with the conditions, adapts, thrives, and maybe it dies… only to give birth again. I would agree that when one accepts the natural ebb and flow of what is, there’s nothing left to throw you off 😉 Cheers.


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