The Message of Valentine’s Day

Around the globe on Valentine’s Day, people of all ages share cards, gifts and flowers, expressing their caring, their love and their friendship. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and thousands of bright, crimson roses are exchanged at romantic dinners between beloveds. Even 5-year-old school children create and gift Valentine’s Day cards to one another. All these gestures physically express our caring for one another.

But, is there more? What is the energetic message conveyed by these gestures? From a multidimensional or energetic perspective, these actions seem to reflect our movement as a species along the evolutionary path towards oneness.

In the physical world, we are separate individual beings, walking, one by one, on our own unique paths. In the energetic world into which we are evolving, we shed our individual personalities and merge into one consciousness. We become part of the whole.

To me, it seems that Valentine’s Day is our attempt in physicality to express our desire for this future state. As we are not yet fully blended or unified, we express our soul’s deep yearning for this state through the gifting of cards and flowers. It is a poor substitute, when seen in this way, but to us, physical beings, in the physical world, it is the best we can do.

May the time not be distant when our hearts are truly open and we recognize “others” as ourselves and when all people, of all shapes, sizes, creeds and cultures, everywhere, are seen as our beloveds.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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