Event to highlight Higher Brain Living

higher_brainHigher Brain Living, a dynamic, life-changing technique, will be introduced at a special event for the Twin Cities on May 18, presented by Gabriel Braaten-Lee, a Higher Brain Living facilitator and national presenter.

Braaten-Lee will explain the science behind Higher Brain Living, how it affects change in your life and how you can become involved in the raising of consciousness in this grass roots movement. The event is free and open to the public from 10 a.m. to Noon at Rasmussen College, 4400 W. 78th St., in Bloomington.

Higher Brain Living creates a surge of energy from the lower survival brain to the higher part of the brain (prefrontal cortex) so you can thrive in all life areas. It provides a way to step into your authentic self with little effort, bypassing your ego where all doubt and negative self-talk lives.

The event is particularly appealing to psychologists, nurses, life coaches, holistic health practitioners, body workers, chiropractors and others looking for a new career.

This leading edge technique can be seamlessly integrated into your current wellness practice or it allows the opportunity for an entirely new, fulfilling business venture, owning an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center, said event sponsor Marita Rahlenbeck.

Registration is required by email at Marita@MaritaInternational.com, or visit http://hbl051813.eventbrite.com/# to register. For more information, call 952.215.2161 or visit MaritaInternational.com/events-calendar.



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