DNA, the Seven Sisters and Human Evolution: An interview with Lee Carroll, channel of Kryon


kryon3You mentioned finding the Divinity within. Talk about the God layer that Kryon refers to as one of the 12 layers of the DNA.
In our multidimensional DNA, this is actually where the Higher Self is. It’s “higher,” because it’s multidimensional; it vibrates higher. It’s in the quantum part of our structure. Some of the oldest religions on the planet have known about this. The Hindus. The Buddhists. Greeting one another, acknowledging the God within. Namasté. That God is inside us is intuitive human knowledge. We have the masters who walked the Earth, including the most recent ones — whether you’re talking about Mohammed and the angel in the cave, or you’re talking about Christ — and they all said the same thing: “God is inside.”

So it’s not a startling, New Age, esoteric, “woo woo” revelation that maybe we want to find out a little more about that and pin it down. But you can’t pin it down, because it’s multidimensional. Kryon said, “You’ll find the essence in every piece of DNA. And somehow, that coordinates with the portal, often called the pineal gland, and that has been recognized. The pineal lines up with the third eye (chakra), the bindi. This corresponds with some of the most intuitive human beliefs on the planet.

So Kryon says the God layer is a metaphor for the Higher Self inside us. It’s there, but it doesn’t show itself easily. If you’re in a low energy and go to look for it, you’re not going to find it. If you’re in a dark room, you’re not going to find something bright. If you want to open the door and let something in, you’ll find it. But, this is our free choice.

What does Kryon say about what we can do in our everyday lives in connection with this information about the DNA?
What Kryon wants us to do is start a readjustment and a recallibration of awareness. Belief and intent are two of the strongest tools we have in consciousness. When an entire country believes a certain way, they get things done. They pass laws. They elect leaders. That happens through an intent of what they want and what they don’t want. For years and years and years, we have just sat around and let these kinds of things percolate. And it hasn’t been helped that there have been all of these doom-and-gloom scenarios.

Suddenly, the way is clear for us to look at this in a clearer way. Kryon says the ones who will do this are your readers, the old souls who come to my meetings, the ones who are interested in what I am saying right now. These are the ones we’re finding all over the planet who really want to make a difference.

So when it comes to a practical thing to do, start with intent and belief — and from there, it leads you forward to action items. They include things like how to live longer, how to start treating people differently.

All of these things are seen by the planet and are amplified by the planet. We didn’t make this up. This has been a part of Metaphysics 101 for years and years. Our planet, called Gaia, actually echoes human consciousness. Whatever we feed it, it amplifies.

So this is what the work is about today. Kryon calls it seed planting.

It’s clear that with awareness, we can avoid the foods that bring imbalance to the body and create disease, like cancer.
That’s so true. For years, holistic healers — people who wouldn’t even go to a channeling meeting — have known this. They know about the innate knowledge of the body, the part that you muscle test and ask it questions. Kryon asks if it seems right to you that your consciousness cannot even detect something that is going on in your bloodstream, like cancer.

There’s been a disconnect in human understanding of such things, and there has been forever. And these things are going to start to connect. Yes, we can change who we are: how we live and how we think changes the chemistry in our body and keeps disease away. And now this is all going to get more profound.

You referred to a recalibration of awareness. Does that relate to what Kryon said, that civilization as we know it began in 2013?
Yes. He said that someday the difference between the old and the new will be so great that they will look back and say, “The Dark Ages stopped in 2012 and 2013 was the start of the Enlightened Age.”

If you ask my children what they think when they see World War II films, they laugh and say it’s quaint and we don’t do that any more, that’s not who we are today. They’d be right, except I was alive! (laughing) Things have changed fast. We are not doing that any more. There was a time when conquering others was just what you did. You had a bigger army than the other guy, then you went over and conquered him. It was a no-brainer.

So yes, there’s been a recalibration of what we want.

You haven’t asked this, but I am going to go for it. There is an underlying thing that is different today than six, seven, eight years ago. Kryon said there would come a time when everybody could talk to anybody and there would be no secrets. He’s talking about social networking.

A lot of adults my age are looking at this and saying, “Well, we didn’t need that when we were kids,” and they’re trying to correct it. “They’re spending too much time on their phone.” You’re seeing social interactions you’ve never seen before. Fourteen kids will show up around a table, look at their phones and not even talk to each other. They’re busy texting each other and looking at Facebook.

What they don’t recognize is that we have tens of thousands of young people online connecting with one another, and countries and languages seem to have no barrier. We’re finding out that Iranians are talking to Palestinians talking to Israelis. All over Facebook they’re saying they don’t want a war. They want better roads, a hospital or two, some nice stuff and the ability to go dancing at night. They really get it. They’re not just innocent and don’t know anything about the world. They know a lot about the world — and they don’t want the hate anymore. That hate propagated the attitudes of their parents, their grandparents and the parents before them and created all of the wars. They’re tired of it. And they’re talking to each other — and they’ve never been able to do that before. And it’s going to make a tremendous difference. It’s not going to go away. You’re going to see social networking as the way things are from now on.

And it will probably expand in ways we cannot even imagine right now.
I like to hear you say that, because this is one of the things I say all of the time. How would you explain the internet to someone who has never seen a computer? There are layers of invention on invention. I agree with you. We’re going to be hooked up in ways that we never would have believed.

Because of all of the negativity and fear that we went through last year, is that why Kryon said 2013 is a resting year?
Yes, he just said to everybody, “Just rest.” Don’t start a whole bunch of new things, even though you might feel like you want to. It’s unsettled right now. He even called this the year of the full moons. Before we started seeing a lot of crazy stuff going on, he said there was going to be some crazy stuff going on. He said there’ll be unbalance, people will be pushed over the edge, they’ll do things they’ve never done before. I don’t have to tell you what’s going on in our own country. It’s not business as usual. There’s going to be a lot of unbalance, and some of it is going to break our heart.

This is the old energy flowing against a whole new surge that’s starting to clean things up. Things aren’t working as they used to for the people who only want to stay in the old way of doing things. Kryon said to watch for things to fall over. In America, we’re starting to clean up the financial institutions who didn’t care about us, who loaned us money but didn’t care if we lost our house in three years. There’s no integrity in that. Kryon said that we did this before with tobacco. Now we see it in banking.

The next thing we’re going to see are changes in Big Pharma. I don’t know if it is a metaphor or if it will be real, but there will be an exposé of Big Pharma keeping people sick for money. That’s not going to sit well with any American I know.

What can those who attend your Minnesota event in August expect?
I’m going back to years ago when I focused on the idea of: What do you perceive of as real? I want to show some experiments and some physics. I want to pull these things together so they’ll understand that what is real and what is metaphysical may actually be in the same bag. I want to push the envelope between perception and belief. We’ll talk about the newest discoveries with DNA and continue presenting anything new.

I want to explore the prophecies that we talked about earlier on. I feel like the event will be an extension of this interview.

For more information on Lee Carroll and Kryon, visit Kryon.com.


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    Also read the free preview to the book “The Kingdom of Heaven within The Holy Book of The Great Invisible Spirit” on the website. http://www.sanetha.com

    Many Blessings, Sanetha


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