Connecting with Spirit through Nature

I have had many experiences while here as a physical being. I have had hardships just like everyone else. I grew up in a non-traditional home, not religious. It seemed very ordinary — to me. I learned at a young age to connect with Spirit, without actually knowing what I was doing. I just knew that smudging was what my ancestors did.

After some significant events happened in my life, Spirit gifted me by activating the empath within me. Very quickly I became overwhelmed; I had no idea what was happening to me. I felt I was going crazy! I became afraid, and I closed myself off from my beautiful gift. The more I tried to push it away, the more it pushed back. I again became afraid and drowned it out with drugs; some days, smoking marijuana didn’t help. It wasn’t until I had met my husband that I learned very quickly that these voices and things I had been seeing were not going away. Yes, to be honest, I had felt a sense of annoyance and apathy; I was just downright angry, scared and frustrated with everything.

Since then, I have learned about myself and have grown tremendously. I also have learned to become aware of even the slightest of occurrences, the abnormalities of my “normal” life. This first happened during a family drive before bedtime and while listening to Eckhart Tolle. I just left the labels out of my mind, as if I were a child who didn’t know what things were called. As soon as I did this, everything became bright! Everything seemed to shine even after the sun had gone down.

After this experience, becoming aware of being present in the “now,” I started to see particles in the sky, which I found odd. I began to feel spirit in the wind, around me at all times. For a little while, I still felt some fear, but I began to learn quickly that if I began to accept my knowledge, there is always an energy around me and I don’t have a reason to have fear of something unknown to me.

After accepting this, I have communed with trees around my home and I have meditated with Spirit, not only in the comfort of my home, but in nature underneath a Grandfather tree who asked me to come and sit with him. I learned of “Earthing” from Spirit, which one my most favorite things to do.

I have learned about the Elementals, fairies, animals and all the beautiful creatures out there. I have learned to unconditionally love everything and everyone, and in the process, I have learned to let go of anger and hatred. To this day, I don’t carry any of those negative emotions. Instead, I send out so much love! That, I have learned, is much easier to do and doesn’t take away all my energy.

Spirit is in and a part of everything. I feel it is much easier to have a great connection with Spirit outdoors, but if you live somewhere like myself (in Canada) where it is cold four to six months out of the year, plants and animals inside help to ground and connect with Spirit. Crystals also are another great way to connect with Spirit and ground yourself.

Since I have learned to accept and love and be aware of all that is around me, I have met Spirit, within myself, within my fur baby, my children, the grass, sky and everything in between, above and below. I have felt the fear, joy and sheer annoyance from the tree beings, even the little pebbles that lay on the ground, including the beautiful ants.

Have awareness, unconditional love, and honest acceptance for all. Love, light and many beautiful blessings, beautiful souls.



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