St. Cloud Holistic Expo to debut October 11

Edge Life Expos & Events is presenting its first holistic expo in St. Cloud, Minn., on Saturday, Oct. 11, at the River’s Edge Convention Center. It will feature keynote lectures by John DeSalvo, Ph.D., who has researched the paranormal and ancient mysteries for 30 years, and Michael Bodine, noted as the Psychic of the Stars from his experience in Hollywood, author of Growing Up Psychic: From Skeptic to Believer, and brother of noted intuitive healer Echo Bodine.

“We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect location to expand our holistic expos than St. Cloud,” said Gary Beckman, executive producer/president of Edge Life Expos & Events. “We look forward to presenting a vast array of exhibitors that offer intuitive guidance, specialty gifts and art, sample healing sessions, and information on alternative healing and spirituality. We also are excited to bring Dr. John DeSalvo and Michael Bodine to St. Cloud. We know they will not only entertain, but inspire those who attend our event.

“If you’re interested in resources on holistic living — health, ecology, community — then the St. Cloud Holistic Expo is perfect for you. We’re all about helping you to find balance in mind, body and spirit.”

The St. Cloud Holistic Expo will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at River’s Edge, located at 10 4th Avenue S. Parking is available in the ramp, located below the building, along with metered spots in both the parking lot in front of the building and along the west end of the building. Parking also is available in the Grand Central Ramp located across the street.

Advance admission is $7 per person or $5 each for groups or more. VIP Gold Cards, which give you admission to Exhibition Hall and in the front rows for both keynote speakers, are $47 in advance. Speaker tickets are: $20 in advance ($25 VIP seating) for Dr. DeSalvo, and $25 in advance ($29 VIP seating) for Michael Bodine. Buy advance tickets at or call toll-free 763.427.1312. All tickets are available at the door.

Dr. John DeSalvo
Dr. John DeSalvo will present “Mysticism: The Path Towards God” — A Lecture and Meditation Workshop — from 12:30 to 2 p.m. The journey back to God, he explains, has been called many names throughout time, but the most common name used both in the East and the West is “Mysticism.”

“No one religion or belief can claim it,” Dr. DeSalvo says. “In the East, the most famous mystic was the Sufi poet Rumi. In the West, it was St. John of the Cross. In fact, St. John of the Cross wrote several books on the spiritual path, the path of a mystic for all to read. He lived hundreds of years ago in Spain but his words are just as timely and applicable now, since God does not change and our destiny to become God is still the same.

“This lecture will be an overview of what the spiritual path of a Mystic is, and especially the path as described by St. John of the Cross and Rumi. This talk is not just more information and knowledge, but a practical way to enter the mystic path. I will also teach a meditation technique called ‘Centering Prayer,’ which is a very ancient type of prayer that the early mystics practiced. So, you can go home after the talk and do this in the comfort of your home and hopefully it will help you start to find the God within.”

Michael Bodine
Michael Bodine will present the lecture “You May Think I’m Crazy, but…” from 2:30 to 4 p.m., speaking on why now may be the beginning of the best time in your life.

He has been in the psychic business since early childhood. Since then, he has tried everything in his power to stray away from the paranormal, from cooking to being a dishwasher salesman. Every time he tried, however, the paranormal came back to him. He has accepted this as his gift, and in a last effort wrote the book Growing Up Psychic: From Skeptic to Believer on his struggle with this strange world.

Edge Life Expos & Events offers all guests to the St. Cloud Holistic Expo an option to stay at the Kelly Inn for $99 per night. Make reservations by calling 320.253.0606 and ask for the Edge Life Expos group rate. Free parking is available at the inn with a short walk to the convention center.

For more information on St. Cloud Edge Life Holistic Expo, visit



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