How to Make the Best of Mercury “Retrograde”

The planet Mercury “appears” to be in retrograde from January 5-25 — the planet does not actually move backward; it’s an illusion.

The fear-based, strongly hyped concept that Mercury in retrograde creates muddled communication rises to the surface every cycle. Supposedly, it’s best to avoid signing important documents, conducting pivotal business meetings or engaging in priority communication during that time. For many responsible adults, that’s an unreasonable amount of time to block out in order to hide under the blankies until the perspective of that one planet’s movement changes. Life goes on. Additionally, a kite flies because it goes against the wind. Learning to work with the hyped-up misperception, coupled with the enhanced strong points, empowers rather than stifles, especially for creative individuals and responsible business owners.

Consider this: The often absent or downplayed aspect of Mercury in retrograde holds the promise of enjoyable growth during this phase. For those sensitive to planetary movement and Universal energy shifts: When Mercury is in retrograde, the accompanying heightened awareness and enhanced creativity lead to thoughtful, purposeful empowerment when we accentuate the positive. How? Here are some simple, easily incorporated suggestions to add focused awareness to your daily activities. These are useful at any time, but especially helpful during times of increased sensitivity, including Mercury “retrograde.”

  • Take time at the beginning of the day to set your priorities carefully. Keep the to-do list short and sweet. Then it will be easier to be flexible if delays occur. Change is the only constant, you may as well accept and enjoy it.
  • Multi-task less. Do one thing at a time, and pay full attention to it. Keeping focused helps the day go by more smoothly. Again, you’re in a better position to be flexible in the event of any changes.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings as well as your internal cues. They’re likely connected. The more you honor your perception, the more accurate it becomes. Journaling your experiences will expand your insight.
  • Take time during the day to appreciate nature. Regardless of the climate where you live, find something that you like or even love. Appreciating nature helps put things into perspective. Are those delays really that big a deal? Will the sun still rise tomorrow?
  • Include creative expression in your day, or at least in your week. What do you enjoy creating? Music? Writings? Drawings? Carpentry? Crafts? Scent blends? A clean environment? A big mess? Whatever it is, honor it and spend time doing it.
  • Take time at the end of the day to at least contemplate the day in review, if not journal, in gratitude for what you appreciate about the day. What did you love about it? What did you enjoy? What did you accomplish?
  • Lastly, go to sleep with your mind at rest so that your sleep and dream-time serve you best. If that means beginning your nighttime routine earlier, then do that. Even 10 minutes can make an appreciable difference in your peace of mind.

This list is not intended to be comprehensive. Keep track of the things that work for you. Additionally, all of these suggestions can certainly be helpful at any time. During Mercury retrograde, though, taking more attentive care to keep centered and focused in a proactive way is even more important.

“When everything goes against you, and it seems you cannot hold on for a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the time and place that the tide will turn.” — Harriet Beecher Stowe



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