Receiving Guiding Visions from the Universe

When you start to to follow Divine guidance, you begin to experience life differently. You recognize that all the plans you have made and all the thoughts you are thinking are ways of moving through this reality we call life.

This is the way most of the world moves.

But you also realize that this left brain, rational way of thinking is not the only way you can walk your path. There is another option. You can follow your intuition. Or better put: You can allow yourself to be guided.

The path of no path
At first, the idea of following your intuition — really following it as a spiritual practice, even if it makes no sense or goes against the plans you have made — seems like a phenomenally foolish idea.

Why on earth would we walk blind, when we can rely on our rational, logical thinking brain?

Why would we wander in the desert of unknowing, waiting for guidance that is subtle at best, confusing at worst, when we can instead charge forward with certainty, sticking to our plan, sticking to the way that others, the media, our culture and our society tell us is the right way to go?

Why would we walk the path of no path?

That’s when we want to have a clear understanding of how, exactly, to access Divine guidance.

Accepting your soul reality
When we accept that we are souls first, it becomes easy to understand that we are fully able to communicate with the Universe at a soul level, at any time we need.

It is no mystery, it is no great technique!

We do it when we sleep and dream.

We do it when we are daydream.

We do it when we practice lucid dreaming

We do it when we spend time in nature.

We do it when we meditate.

We do it when we pray.

We do it when we are engaged in creative flow.

We do it when we connect deeply with another.

We do it sometimes, when we are simply being, fully present to the moment.

At all of these times, we move outside of or lift off from our rational, logical, left-brained selves and lock into the hum of Universal vibration.

And, here is the key: You cannot reach Divine guidance unless you are able to enter into this state of gentle trance. You can’t get there from your normal mind that is busy with fear and anger and anxiety and panic. You have to lift out of those states of being, into a state of being where you are aligned with Universal vibration. You have to lock into the hum.

Many doors will open
Having direct connection with the Divine — with all the guides and angelic beings and the visions and messaging that will show you the way — is like walking up to a big house, opening an unlocked door, and walking in.

It’s really that easy. But which door? Sometimes you want to go in the front door, sometimes the side, sometimes the back, sometimes you might want to climb in through a window! Each door or window or other opening will have you entering a different area of Divine connection. You don’t need to be concerned about where you’ll end up; the Divine will determine that for you.

But if you want a vision, you’ll ask for a vision in a certain way. If you want a message, that will come in that way. If you want direct connection with a guide, that will come in another way.

Again, the first way of going up to the house is always to enter a light trance state — and lift yourself up from this reality, raising your vibration or shifting your field so that you inhabit another reality.

Relaxation is the key
Sometimes people attempt to do this with breathing techniques; this is great. But breathing a particular way is simply a technique to get you in the door. Others use mantra, or music. Some use meditation tapes. Some gaze at a candle. Some access this state when they are drifting to sleep.

Again, these are all ways in — these are all the doors that you can use to reach this trance state. But after a while, when you’ve been in this light trance state enough times, and by enough times I mean ten times or 100 times, or 1,000 times or 10,000 times, you become able to access this state very quickly. It becomes as easy as closing your eyes, taking a few breaths in through the nose, and allowing yourself to enter in.

Familiarity with the trance state
One of the reasons it becomes easy is because once you have visited this “house,” this particular layer or level of Divine vibration a few times, you recognize what it feels like to have entered in. You begin to understand when you’re in too deep of a trance — in which case you’ll probably fall asleep — or when you are in too light of a trance — in which case all our thoughts will bombard with judgment about what you’re doing.

You begin to understand when you have reached a psychic sweet spot: in deep, but not too deep. One of the ways you will know you are in this sweet spot is that visions will begin to arrive in your mind’s eye, without you creating them. You may believe you are imagining them, but this is not so. As you follow and allow and watch these imaginings in your mind’s eye, you will notice that they begin to take on a power of their own.

How visions will appear
They will, as you wait and relax and stay in trance, begin to show you a truth, or a possibility that you can create, or an outcome in the near future, or an outcome in a longer future.

They may show you the possibility that you are now creating — if you’re creating a negative experience, you might see this as a warning. If you’re creating a positive experience, you will see this as support. Or they may show you a higher possibility than you might have imagined: one that fills your heart will love and joy.

By “they,” I mean all the ways that they might show up: as guides, as angels, as the departed, as other energy, as message, as knowing and as vision. Visions are energy universes that arrive as pictures in the mind, sometimes as simple pictures, like you might picture something simple in your mind as an ear of corn, a large beetle, a blue flower.

As you get more adept at holding the visual energy in your mind, these visions become more complex: you may experience as a memory but of the future, or as imagination that you are not creating, or as if you are watching a movie in your mind.

Sometimes, the visions are so clear and real and we are so engaged with them that we enter the visions: we project our energy body or energy Universe into this vision reality, and experience it fully.

The way is yours
As you begin your journey of following Divine guidance, you will move through many levels. At first, you will access guidance via simple synchronicities, etheric messages, convergences. As you practice, and as you spend time in this most relaxed state of light trance, you will begin to receive, experience and inhabit visions that are both very simple and very complex.

There is no way to learn except to try it for yourself. There is no teacher who can teach you, more than you can learn yourself, simply by trying, failing, trying again.

The more you relax and let go, the more you can access this state.

The more often you access this state of “entering in,” or locking into the hum, the more you will be able to receive visions.

The more you are able to receive visions, the deeper your understanding of your soul self will become.

Begin today. Close your eyes now. Take a deep breath. Then another. Allow yourself to enter in to Universal vibration. See what information awaits you now.



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