Starcodes: April 12-18

Starcodes for the week of April 12-18, 2024

Keep plans flexible and stay ready to improvise, retrograde Mercury is in full trickster mode as Jupiter approaches a conjunction with change-master Uranus. We might think we know what must be done, and, with a little extra effort, probably can make it happen. But Mercury might have other ideas. When construction smashes the optic cable bringing Internet to the county, instead of railing against the fates about missing work, let’s see how else the universe wants us to spend our time. Or so I was just reminded.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and bounty, approaches a conjunction with electrifying, change -inducing Uranus in earthy Taurus on April 20, an aspect that affects us throughout the spring. This conjunction occurs roughly every 13 years and inspires ingenuity, an impatient surge for freedom, and a technological surge forward. It can stimulate an upgrade in home tech, but as it’s occurring right now in the middle of Mercury retrograde, that upgrade might be stimulated by a spasm of failed equipment or systems.

As this change-invoking conjunction occurs in an earth sign, along with the recent eclipse which unstuck stuck energy, it could synchronize with literal and symbolic tremblors and tectonic shifts. It urges us to adjust the foundations of our systems and check the foundations of our houses. Challenges that shake us up could be the beginning of fresh opportunity.

The sun, Venus, and Mercury retrograde all in impulsive Aries can keep us strong and able to take on challenges, but we can get hot under the collar when things when life trips us up. Patient awareness can help us harness that Aries enthusiasm. Recently Saturn and Mars conjunct in sensitive Pisces leave us painfully aware of the world’s woes and can restrict what we want to do for these few weeks. But if we try, we might find we get what we need.

The talkative Moon in Gemini on Friday helps us share ideas, though it will be hard nail down any details. The Cancer Moon over the weekend nudges us to take care of things on the home front and encourage our beloveds to know they are enough. Under the Leo Moon Tuesday and Wednesday, we can take the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune personally, but they aren’t.

All week, stay loose and flexible. Notice where foundational plans, equipment, and contracts will need to shift in the weeks ahead. Assess now but consider waiting until after April 25 to update.

starcodes astrology week of April 12 through 18

Friday, April 12: Morning could bring irritating snafus; keep communication open to adjust on the fly. Rein in pointed quips and take edgy comments lightly as the verbal, nervy Gemini Moon squares dour Saturn and martial Mars. The afternoon smooths out but make sure to clarify rough understandings. Share funny Mercury retrograde stories over dinner as the Moon sextiles Mercury.

Moon square Saturn 8:39 AM, Moon square Mars 10:50 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:42 PM.

Saturday, April 13: Morning may not go as planned but look for unexpected connections, make the best of it. The Moon enters domestic, self-protective Cancer midday and encourages us to take care of the home front. Evening could bring minor explosions unless we stay cool and situationally aware as Mars semi-squares Pluto. Give people room to complain but don’t jump to conclusions. Watch for mechanical snafus. Let’s take notes about what really ticks us off or worries us but wait to fix it in the weeks ahead.

Moon sextile Sun 12:34 AM, Moon square Neptune 8:46 AM, Moon enters Cancer 11:44 AM, Mars semi-squares Pluto 2:55 PM.

Sunday, April 14: Enjoy soup or other comfort foods, soothing words and low expectations as the Cancer Moon trines Saturn and Mars. Offer reassurance and support. Let problems sit in a sacred place and take a break.

Moon square Venus 9:23 AM, Moon trine Saturn 3:47 PM, Moon trine Mars 9:17 PM.

Monday, April 15: Find missing pieces as Mercury conjuncts Chiron, including last-minute tax info, and put those pieces together. Our minds can delve into the past, but don’t perseverate on mistakes; also remember the year’s gifts. As the Moon enters shining Leo tonight, grace everyone with a special moment in the center attention -so they don’t wrestle for it later.

Moon square Mercury 1:11 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 2:05 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 4:01 AM, Mercury conjunct Chiron 9:23 AM, Moon square Sun 1:13 PM, Moon trine Neptune 5:22 PM, Moon enters Leo 8:23 PM.

Tuesday, April 16: We could wake up aware of all that’s wrong in our world as the Moon opposes Pluto or choose to be grateful for what we find valuable in the face of life, death, and Mercury retrograde. We might feel the need to dramatize in order to express our feelings this morning. Midday can roll around without a clear direction, offer tea and sympathy, let the attention drift and refill the wells. Connect, socialize, and get creative as the Moon approaches a trine with Venus this evening.

Moon opposed Pluto 2:22 AM

Wednesday, April 17: Notice evidence of major changes in progress, assess what’s needed to adapt to roll with it, and where to jump sideways. Our feelings may come out with a touch of melodrama, but it helps us see what’s going on inside, particularly mid-afternoon as the Moon forms unsettling squares to Jupiter and Uranus. Give everyone room for poetic license and take it all with a grain of salt.

Moon trine Venus 2:03 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9 AM, Moon square Jupiter 2:11 PM, Moon square Uranus 3:19 PM.

Thursday, April 18: Technical matters can fall into place with a bit of effort. The Virgo Moon can either waste our energy in cranky worry or help us fix things. Put that nervy intelligence to work, pray rather than worry and tend the details rather than overthink. Our guts may need extra fresh food and kindness.

Moon trine Sun 6:02 AM, Moon enters Virgo 8:10 AM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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