Starcodes: August 20-26


Starcodes week of August 20 -26, 2021

Take every opportunity to come back into balance this week. The last few weeks have been astrologically turbulent as change-inducing Uranus retrograded and Mercury conjunct aggressive Mars. While we’ll still feel shifts in our terra firma throughout the year, this week offers a chance to repair and stabilize.

The weekend begins under a competent and collaborative Aquarius Moon conjunct serious Saturn, we’ll want to know our responsibilities in the face of major world events and personal shifting sands. People correct one another when they feel anxious, but that crankiness is most likely a badly- packaged form of loving concern.

Sunday brings changes. Instigate some good changes as activating Mars trines change-inducing Uranus and we want to fix what needs fixing. The moon waxes full in Aquarius in the morning and encourages us to take a global perspective and feel our connection to those in the world’s crucibles. The moon then enters Pisces and our attention sensitizes and turns inwards.

The energizing sun joins communicative Mercury and militant Mars in Virgo Sunday afternoon; Virgo rules the intestinal tract and symbolizes the ability to sort nourishment from waste. Virgo’s symbol is a woman holding a sheaf of wheat, and wheat needs to be separated from its chaff in order to nurture us.

It can be easy in Virgo season to focus on the chaff, or what went wrong and who can we blame. While this can distance us from guilt, it takes us no closer to the truth. We need to focus on the nutrients we need to absorb while also efficiently releasing the waste and chaff. Take that symbolic image across the board, through world events and personal peccadilloes, and look for what truly nourishes.

Stay steady on Tuesday as the moon enters more action-oriented Aries just as thoughtful Mercury opposes confusing Neptune, an engine firing when the fog seeps in. We may feel fuzzy, distracted, or way too permeable. Watch the breathing issues and consider masking up. Jump in, just think through the consequences first.

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Friday, August 20: look a change of circumstance or fresh news as mental Mercury trines Uranus. Work together to achieve the goal as the collective Aquarius moon conjuncts responsible Saturn. Although our hearts can be warm, the delicacy of interpersonal feelings may feel upstaged by world events or family action. Prioritize rest tonight.

Saturday, August 21: After some early morning adjustment, we can kick into gear but may feel rather scattered. We can get a lot done, experience adventures and achieve change if we track essentials, don’t let them get lost in the shuffle. Consciously make the effort to notice the feelings of those closest. Tonight, make something happen.

Sunday, August 22: Roll with a wild and crazy morning as Mars trine Uranus, small personal changes and big global events could unfold as the Moon waxes full in Aquarius then enters perceptive Pisces. It furthers to share a project. By evening we may need quiet, feel more personal and perceptive as the sun enters Virgo.

Monday, August 23: Notice what needs work, love, and beauty. Be kind and careful, build and rebuild as Venus trines pragmatic Saturn under that compassionate Moon in Pisces. We’ll see reliability as a form of love and can show we care through tangible methods.

Tuesday, August 24: Just as our desire to act increases as the moon enters action-focused Aries, the situation grows cloudy as Mercury opposes confusing Neptune. Feel the feelings but clarify all assumptions. Envision a better world and engage in a healthy fantasy.

Wednesday, August 25: Cranky, edgy, and efficient, on the outside, with lots of love on the inside, this day is paradoxical. We may sound feisty but really don’t want to fight. Deal with the contradicting signals; don’t try to coordinate people’s activity, just help them head forward.

Thursday, August 26: Think it through. Our minds want to explore the depths as Mercury trines Pluto, but that can grow compassion. Just watch those mood swings and look for the world’s beauty, not to ignore the problems but to grow towards a healthy goal. We may long for comfort, stability, and rest tonight as the Moon enters Taurus.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins



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