New Moon Aries Total Solar Eclipse

Everything is up. I could easily say the last 19 years is culminating in the energy of this eclipse, but it may be safer to say the last few years. We are emerging from being handed an incredible amount of fear in the form of the Covid pandemic. Our society was put into a jar with a lid and shaken like an egg. We have come out somewhat scrambled into a world significantly different than it was five years ago. The last couple years we have been in recovery, trying to sort out what happened and why. For many of us, our confidence in our leaders has dissolved as the threat of war in various regions seems to be seeping and spreading like a burst pipe underground. No one wants a violent revolution, but many of us can agree that things need to change. But how?

That question may be answered with this eclipse. Eclipses occur when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are conjoined the Moon’s Nodes, the points of Eclipse. At this time, there is an interruption in the normal gravitational and electromagnetic flow between the Earth, Sun, and Moon. During this interruption, “energies may leave this realm and energies may enter this realm.” Those can be beneficial or detrimental. There is no telling which. This is why some recommend staying indoors during an eclipse.

Aries moon total solar eclipse astrology reading

We evolutionary astrologers run with this symbolism and suggest that the South Node of the Moon represents where our soul has been over countless lifetimes and what brought us here to manifest in human form in the first place! The North Node of the Moon represents energies we are moving toward. They represent energies we are needing to integrate into our being to assist us with living happier, richer, and more fulfilling lives. With the Sun, Moon, the Moon’s North Node, along with Venus, Chiron, Eris, and Mercury all being in the season of Aries, we are all being asked to emulate the best of all possible qualities of this season of Spring.

This brings us back to our individual and collective need for change. We are ready to take our power back from years or even lifetimes of feeling disempowered. It is time for us to stand in our strength, our sanity, our personal power, and our courage as we move forward in the area of life where our greatest intention lies the way a little seedling, contained with all of the potential of all future forests, must strengthen itself amidst the wind and the rain and the heat and the rabbits who want to devour us!

Some of us are needing to make a powerful, even selfish choice. That’s OK. Others of us are needing to strengthen our self-love so we must find the courage to prove ourselves to ourselves. Some of us “simply” need to speak up, while others of us are needing to take our power back from old disempowering genetic ‘myths’. Many of us are being asked to step into and claim our happiness and self-expression, while others of us need to get back into our body and reclaim our health.

Some of us are learning to trust ourselves again, while others of us are ready to step into an unfuckwithable power. Some of us are needing to reclaim our faith in humanity while others of us are emerging into our powerful place in the world and need to own that. Some of us are needing to take our future into our own hands, and others of us are needing to let it go and give it up to the Universe.

Perhaps one or two of those suggestions resonated most with you. Claim your confidence. Claim your space. Claim your life as your own and make all the appropriate choices and changes necessary. Time is thin. This world is in a sensitive place, and it’s up to each individual inhabitant to empower ourselves with the courage to fully be who we were born to be. If everyone on the planet combined their love with their courage, then I can imagine this world becoming the beautiful garden that nature intended. Choose a direction. Make the choice. Stay in your courage, and all will be well.

I did an hour-long podcast on this energy. If you’d like a deeper exploration of this Eclipse, watch it here

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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