Pleiadian Message for August 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,

Within the Universe the star systems are aligning differently to a vastly changed energetic Earth. These star systems have shifted the veils which have been in place for lifetimes and sacred mysteries interwoven within the intricate pattern of the Stars are being revealed to mankind. Made available to those of you who have open Hearts, the Heart cells hold the knowledge of the awakened frequencies within these sacred configurations. You are being called forth to open into the night sky and allow this unveiling to be bestowed to you.

Earth is entering a next powerful phase of its destined transition. The vibrational expansion from the magnetic core is shifting once more bringing a higher resonance alliance to form between the earth plane and this resident Universe. The Universal God consciousness has been enabled to align within the sacred structures of your planet creating a strengthening and essential multidimensional energetic tie to Earth for the very first time in the history of the planet.

Earth is now tethered energetically to the rest of this Universe which will allow a rapid transitional shift of consciousness within the planet. This tethering does not mean any sort of restriction rather acting as a launch pad of light surrounding your Earth. Those of you who are awake will notice a re-occurring flow of light that is emanating into your Heart system. Like waves on an ocean, never ending waves flowing into you. These waves of light consciousness will move into your physical body washing the old density away from your systems and moving you into another form of inner liberation.

Image by CharlVera from Pixabay

Arising from the Magnetic Core’s vibrational shift there are a series of powerful re-structured multidimensional bands of light that are being reopened through all the Vortexes across the planet. These new frequencies are here right now to support all of you in your next step of reconnection, designed to set in motion a personal resurrection within you. This is the time for you to liberate yourselves from the deep-seated old illusions that you have held onto for lifetimes. These illusions over time have been forged within your systems creating a twist on truth.

The energies on the planet are continuing to build. There is a momentum, which is gathering in velocity, and it will reach its peak as your calendar year comes to a close. This momentum will become impactful in your 3rd dimensional lives, creating further upheaval and unexpected, unexplainable happenings. You need to appreciate that great change is upon you, (and understand that) your world and you are capable of placing yourself in the very center of this upcoming great whirlpool of intensity.

Through anchoring within your Heart, you can stay within the silence that exists within the very center of the whirlpool, unruffled, unaffected by this upcoming 3rd dimensional upheaval. Your Heart is your only authentic reference point to Truth. Know that your Heart is your guiding light, like a compass directing you homeward. Be still within your Heart and reimagine your life from your Heart’s perspective. This is your time to align into your self empowerment, your creation energy that is sourced within your Heart and to begin to utilize your creation energy actively, consciously within your life.

This is the time for you to take ownership of your true power that awaits you within your Heart. An essential component of your power is your creation energy that will bring you into a state of natural receivership of your Heart’s desire. You need to look inside and ask yourself these questions. What are you willing to allow yourself to receive? How much joy, abundance do you deserve to have in your life? When have you suffered enough?

Suffering arises when the ego mind has a misperception and misunderstands about a situation in your life, is wanting something to be different. You each get to choose the moment you let go of suffering. By claiming your creation of your life, just as it is in this moment you move into a moment of acceptance. From a place of conscious choice, you can begin to create the changes that you need for yourself in your life now.

You need to investigate the old belief systems that you are still operating within your day-to-day life. This time is about receiving abundance and celebrating your unique human aspect of being ‘perfectly imperfect’. Taking steps, moments, appreciating all aspects of your human self and holding yourself with love, compassion, and patience. Coming to the Truth that you were never meant to operate in perfection in this human life. To honor your journey, your path in this life and acknowledge the courage it has taken to be here having this human experience!

Within this energetic environment the power of the Conscious breath has become more powerful as a tool than ever before. These higher resonance frequencies are now actively available to you as you choose to utilize them. Through the avenue of the Conscious breath, you are enabled to harness another aspect of your higher resonance light. As you take a Conscious breath there is automatically an acceleration of shedding. The old outworn shells of old belief systems held within your physical body can fall away. And simultaneously there is a realignment to your higher resonance light which is ready to be reinstated within you. This higher resonance light then becomes accessible for you to utilize, to create within your day-to-day life.

The Conscious breath is a breath taken in the mouth and then released out the mouth, to be activated about once an hour, it does not replace the normal breathing cycle. As you consciously choose to take a Conscious breath, throughout your day you are saying, “Yes I am willing to let go, to allow the shedding, and Yes, I am willing to receive my higher resonance light.” This is the time to set this process of your transformation in motion, to choose differently and to set these waves of change in motion throughout your life. The Conscious breath is an element of your self-empowerment!

There is nothing you need to change about your human self to become enlightened now. An essential next step in your awakening process is to expand or begin to initiate an alliance with the Galactic community. Each one of you have a Star heritage within your natural makeup. You are a child of the Universe, this is your time to return to your original roots, to your Family of Origin off planet.

This Star aspect of you holds a higher evolutionary pathway and as you realign to your roots you begin to embody this higher awakened part of you within your consciousness. There is a natural merge that will take place within you. There is an unconditional love which exists within all the Star heritage families. This component of Love can support you by bringing a strong recognition of what is Truth and how you can be realigned beyond the illusion into an entirely different experience of your 3rd dimensional life here on Earth. This Love sustains you, nurtures and fortifies your physical systems and allows you to flourish on all levels.

We, the Pleiadians are part of the Galactic community, we are playing a greater role on the planet at this juncture. We are here as a Universal team specifically to support those of you who are ready to be launched back to your original heritage, this is an aspect of your destiny. You are destined to play your role as part of the Universal family. This is the time for you to build your relationships within the Universal community. A time to recognize and realign to your Star family, your Family of Origin. Our role is to bring an essential understanding to you and to your communities for your own self-empowerment to re-establish reconnection to your personal Star network family. We are here to support you in this awakening of your Star frequency within your Heart. This is the time for you to flourish on another level, you have been waiting for this next phase of awakening within.

Know that you are part of this Universal team. You are not on the outside of this sacred consciousness alignment within the Universe. You have always been part of our community, never separate. This is a returning for you, a conscious returning to take your full place because energetically you have never been apart from the God consciousness communion state within our Universe, this connection has been a sacredly forged within your Heart cells.

All the realms of light, the Angels, Light beings and Masters are holding a powerful Platform of light around you during this next phase of your transition. You must be the one to initiate this next step, because you have free will. You have the full capability within your Heart to step forward to claim your natural birthright of being abundant and playing your role fully, moment by moment.

Know that you are being held and supported during this phase of transition. Remember to by-pass the illusion, let go of the drama, and draw wisdom from your Heart.

The Pleiadians


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