Dear Shannon: Quicksand Escape and Chop the Shop

Dear Shannon,

I feel like my spirituality is stagnant, causing my career and love life to get stuck, too.

I get very anxious and don’t know where to start to get things moving.

Kind regards,

Dear Quicksand,

Your perfectionism is holding you back. It’s protecting you from “making mistakes” but also from finding luck and miracles.

Your Guides say you are looking too far in advance for messages, wishing for a full-scale map.

We are given only glimpses into what our guided actions should be for the next hour, not the next decade. Practice: rip up a sheet of paper into ten pieces, write a task on each piece. Pull one at random (you’ll be guided).

Take one micro-action. Then another. And another.

Happiness is the by-product of acting in service and doing the next right thing.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,

Dear Shannon,

I’m over-spending and over-shopping, especially online.

I’ve tried disconnecting my credit card and unsubscribing from store emails.

But “hunting and gathering” gives me a huge dopamine hit!

My love language is “gifts.”

What can I do to rescue my bank accounts?

Amazonian Goddess

Dear Amazonian Goddess,

You can obtain that same dopamine hit by “shopping” your local Buy Nothing group.

You’ll reduce your expenses and keep objects out of landfills.

Better yet, when you become the go-to neighbor who finds free things for people in need, you’ll create a win-win-win.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,


Shannon Walbran is an advice columnist for The Edge Magazine. She is a certified intuitive life coach, practicing since 2003. Shannon helps clients worldwide and is based in both St. Paul, Minnesota, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Her website is

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