Starcodes: September 16-22


Starcodes for the week of September 16–22, 2022

Mercury calls us to review during this last official week of summer. Like squirrels gathering pine nuts, let’s think back on the joys and tests of that season, remember what we learned and what we savored in that sunlight, remember discomfort in the scorching heat, and store those memories up against the winter’s cool quiet.

While rumble around in the past we can cast even farther back and review older memories with fresh eyes. It could be time to revise our concept of a corner of our past, and when we look at our old stories with those fresh eyes, the story could change and shift its effect on the future. Choose to let go of old shackles, remove old splinters which may be now working their way to the surface. Dust off and revive old skills and forgotten treasures.

Let’s also look at our country’s history and other world events with those fresh eyes, look father into the past for the roots of the present condition. Understanding those roots, seeing them from a different perspective, can make these events seem less incomprehensible. It can be discouraging to feel like we’re back at an old conundrum, but it can also give us hope that we can survive a problem or turn down a different road in the future.

It could be easier to dwell on the past or imagine we are far away rather than get anything done right here and now as the weekend begins, but it’s extra important to be situationally aware. A confusing Sun-Neptune square helps us see the magic in the world but limits our pragmatic visibility. Watch for situations where our attention is drawn in one direction, while malfeasance happens in another while the distracted. Whether from Western fire smoke or from our longing or preconceptions, or from the Queen’s funeral, it can hard to see what’s really going on.

Misunderstandings can proliferate in this fogginess, and our beloveds may be a bit touchy anyway. Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini, the two emotion-regulating planets are in easily irritated mercurial signs and Mercury is retrograde. We can get cranky with one another when we feel out of sync and need loving room to work out our nervy edges.

On Sunday, some event or some emotion can bring us back to what matters as the Sun trines intense Pluto, the Moon enters Cancer and Mercury opposes Jupiter. Though our minds can speed run inefficiently, it will take extra effort to stay organized. But our hearts can stay open.

A sense of adventure can return Monday night as Venus trines changeable Uranus and encourage us to be curious about fresh ideas or a new approach to aesthetics. Move furniture around or start a fresh conversation topic. Let that sense of adventure grows as the Moon enters Leo on Tuesday, the middle of this week is a great time to visit familiar haunts or reconnect with old friends, just do so without heavy expectation and don’t dial an old ex and think they’ll be any different last conversation.

Thursday evening at 7:03 PM MDT the Sun enters Libra and fall commences. The week of the equinox opens doors and can help us find balance in our life. Because Mercury is so very retrograde until October 3, keep up all good retrograde survival skills- pay attention to schedules, track important things carefully, make good use of delays, and work for clarity and understanding. Accidents increase when we’re distracted so make life an exercise in mindfulness.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, September 16: We could feel spacey and distracted, so go gently and react thoughtfully. Make sure to understand the situation before jumping in. Find a good use for imagination to keep it out of trouble. Watch for irritable misunderstandings around relationship issues as the Moon and Mars conjunct in Gemini and square Venus this evening. Find different perspectives interesting rather than irritating.

Moon sextile Jupiter 12:13 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:35 AM, Venus square Mars 12:48 PM, son opposed Neptune 4:20 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 6:51 PM, Moon square Venus 7:18 PM.

Saturday, September 17: Nothing may seem to go as planned, but those unplanned forays can become delightful surprises. Follow the flow rather than try to keep a tight agenda as Sun squares Neptune. Look for odd magic and an opportunity to repair something of beauty or heal an emotional connection.

Venus quincunx Chiron 1:24 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:03 AM, Moon square Neptune 1:53 PM, Moon square Sun 3:51 PM. Mars sextile Chiron 9:54 PM.

Sunday, September 18: Let people ramble and talk if they need to, our mental hamsters can run rampant as Mercury opposes generous Jupiter under a sensitive Cancer Moon. Don’t take anything said as the final word nor take it personally; our thoughts are a work in progress and we may just need to get them out on the table. Clarify priorities, track important details, and let go of the rest.

Moon enters Cancer 1:59 AM, Moon square Jupiter 11:37 AM, Moon square Mercury 11:56 AM, Mercury opposed Jupiter 4:33 PM, Sun trine Pluto 9:57 PM.

Monday, September 19: Feel an interesting contradiction between a desire to stay comfortable and an opportunity to explore as Venus trine’s Uranus. Invite, but don’t push, people out of their comfort zone. Experiment with aesthetics and self-image. Experiment with aesthetics and self-image. Consider reaching out- in friendship or work collaboration -to someone you wouldn’t normally consider.

Moon sextile Venus 2:52 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 3:43 PM, Venus trine Uranus 10:44 PM.

Tuesday, September 20: Early morning concerns and potential awkwardness or existential angst can clear if we help one another feel secure and safe as the Moon opposes Pluto this morning. Responsibilities or technical difficulties can interfere with our affection and creative process as Venus quincunx Saturn in the afternoon. Tonight, hearts unwinds and warmth flows as the Moon enters Leo and trines Jupiter tonight, take the opportunity to gather and laugh.

Moon trine Neptune 2:24 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 6:58 AM, Moon sextile Sun 9:56 AM, Venus quincunx Saturn 2:11 PM, Moon enters Leo 2:37 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 7:52 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:31 PM.

Wednesday, September 21: Enjoy camaraderie at home but look for political missteps and collision of needs in the big picture as Jupiter semi-squares Saturn. Revisit some foundational memory. Conversation can be fabulous if we take turns in the spotlight. Let the other go first.

Jupiter semi-square Saturn 7:07 AM, Moon trine Chiron H 20 1 PM.

Thursday, September 22: Discuss the world’s history and explore a new corner, connect with old and new friends, and look for fresh opportunities. Our minds and technology may bring gremlins, but we can connect from the heart with these. Fall commences at 7:03 PM.

Moon sextile Mars 12:04 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:36 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 5:06 AM, Sun enters Libra 7:03 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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