Dear Shannon: The Visionary and All in My Head

Dear Shannon,

Sometimes it feels like everything is talking to me: the trees, the birds, the billboards. Is everything a sign, all the time?


Dear Visionary,

The short answer is: no.

The invisible world and all of your divine helpers know that you need to focus on living a 3-dimensional life in order to work, drive, and love. Therefore, they are not speaking to you all the time in meaningful, personalized ways. They are speaking, it’s true. But they’re not giving you messages.

Your guidance answers questions you ask, at set times. That’s why it’s great to schedule a daily meditation and journaling session. Yes, guidance can burst forward in an emergency situation (“Don’t walk into that bar!”) but that’s rare.

Please consider that “universal hum” you are currently hearing as a loving, divine soundtrack showing you that everything is alive and sentient. However, please don’t attempt to decipher or personalize each and every word in the lyrics.

Keep yourself grounded, present, and alert to the real world, and tap into the divine world regularly and with purpose.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,

Dear Shannon,

I love angel and oracle cards. I am pulling cards every day. First of all, I don’t always understand what I get. Secondly, how do I know I’m not just making the answers up?

All In My Head

Dear All In My Head,

There’s much to say on this subject, but I’ll start here. Clearer questions get more specific answers, so practice editing down your questions to a yes/no + action format. “Should I take the tiny step ‘X’ before lunchtime?”

Secondly, you’ll believe your guidance more if you a) take immediate and thorough action and b) track your answers, your action steps, and your results, with dates. Taking half-action, or waiting weeks, or mis-remembering when you heard the message, all contribute to not building up trust. A body of evidence in a separate journal or online spreadsheet will demonstrate that your answers work.

Always remember #YouAreGuided,


Shannon Walbran is an advice columnist for The Edge Magazine. She is a certified intuitive life coach, practicing since 2003. Shannon helps clients worldwide and is based in both St. Paul, Minnesota, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Her website is

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