Starcodes: October 14-20

Starcodes for the week of October 14-20, 2022

Let’s be careful what we start this week as whatever begins has a good chance to build solidly. A grand trine between heartfelt Venus and the Sun- now approaching conjunction in friendly Libra- structural Saturn in Aquarius, and motivating Mars in nervy Gemini, all communicative air signs, encourages us to build great thoughts and beautiful foundations for our future work and love. It’s a good week to talk it through. negotiate details or make personal overtures.

But not only good guys will use this opportunity; battles initiated these few weeks will also tend to escalate. Both sides of a legal battle will tend to be well-prepared, the trial drags on and arguments perpetuate. So let’s choose them carefully and know when to set clean, clear boundaries rather than fight.

It’s already been a busy, buzzy week, while that grand trine in air signs helps us communicate it can wind up our nerves. We can see all the possibilities- including the possibility everything that could go wrong. Before making a decision let’s see if we can calm down any ambient anxiety and use this mental buzz in the more constructive way.

On Friday the aspects are good enough to open doorways as long as we add our own bit of common sense, because the stars have ideas rather than practicalities. It’s important to rest up over the weekend as a domestic Cancer Moon calls us inwards. No one wants to be pushed, we might long for a little fall magic, a dash of extra pumpkin spice or toasted apple, or feel called to help those who have been pushed out of their homes by storm or war around the globe.

Midweek an extroverted Leo Moon sparks fresh connections and can inspire real generosity. But watch for grandstanders who can’t resist the temptation to speak in unproductive hyperbole. Big global issues ramp up towards midweek, events can feel blown out of proportion, but the feeling is real as the sun squares Pluto. We need to protest what’s not working, but take responsibility for our own happiness, health, and next step forward.

That Venus-Mars trine perfects on Tuesday and turns up emotional expectations which can encourage flowing relationships and easy conversation and creativity. But even the best aspect has its challenges. Watch for a flash of resentment from people who are not being realistic about relationships and may hold other people responsible for their happiness.

The key for these late-week aspects will be self-responsibility. We need to both protest what’s not working in the world and take responsibility for our own happiness, health, and the next step forward.

Friday, October 14: Miraculous aspects kick in as Venus trines Saturn. We can just coast through the day or use the flowing aspects to deal with tough things that could use a little magic dust. Celebrate what ‘s flowing, what is working. Be careful with sudden movements and sharp words tonight as Moon opposes Mars, Mars, even if it’s witty, ask if it is regrettable.

Venus trine Saturn 12:20 AM, Moon trine Saturn 11:32 AM, Moon trine Venus 12:51 PM, Moon trine Sun 5:23 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:45 PM, Moon opposite Mars 10:10 PM.

Saturday, October 15: Crabby beloveds may just be overextended and needs room to recompose. Get cozy and take a break, deal with and recently overwhelming situations. Prioritize refilling the wells and connecting with people that matter as the Moon enters domestic Cancer and squares Jupiter. If we take care of the home base now, we’ll have more energy next week.

Moon enters Cancer 10:10 AM, Moon squares Jupiter 12:43 PM.

Sunday, October 16: Instead of spinning wheels and feeling like we should be efficient, let’s kick back and relax. Our minds are not thinking too clearly as the Sun quincunx confusing Neptune so let’s use that soft focus to feed our imagination or for spiritual practice rather than try to be efficient. If we have practical elements to deal with, we need to track the details and chain of logic carefully.

Moon square Mars 1:18 AM, Sun quincunx Neptune 9:39 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 10:08 PM.

Monday, October 17: Don’t push others nor be pushed on this somewhat uncomfortable day as the Sun, Moon, and Pluto form a t-square and Venus quincunx Neptune. Discomfort can motivate us to just complain-which can be naturally cathartic- or help us choose to fix what can be fixed instead- as the Sun trines energizing Mars and the Moon enters expansive Leo later in the day.

Moon square Venus 8:14 AM, Moon trine Neptune 9:04 AM, Moon square Sun 11:15 AM, Moon opposes Pluto 2:56 PM, Venus quincunx Neptune 3:59 PM, Sun trine Mars 4:05 PM, Moon enters Leo 10:44 PM.

Tuesday, October 18: This could be a romantic, creative, or emotionally demanding day as Venus and Mars trine in communicative air signs under a melodramatic Leo Moon, and all together turn up the volume on our feelings. We don’t just want attention, we may need it, so please do not ignore or underplay the connection with beloveds. Share affection and praise effusively. Let’s use our charisma off for the powers of good and watch out for those that use it only for their own personal gains. While it’s pleasant day for most, watch for potential Shakespearean shifts in the world picture.

Moon trine Jupiter 12:44 AM, Venus trine Mars 8:23 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 11:15 PM.

Wednesday, October 19: Watch out for unproductive mood swings or strange shifts in the power base as the Sun squares Pluto this morning. Take the world seriously but skip discouragement; stand back and look a global and personal history to get an overview perspective on life’s bumpy trajectory as Mercury opposes Chiron, then support the turn of our moral arc towards justice and beauty.

Sun square Pluto 7:33 AM, Moon square Uranus 10:17 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:59 AM, Mercury opposed Chiron 7:23 PM.

Thursday, October 20: We may have to edit, let go of a favorite paragraph in writing, a memory that no longer we no longer need to obsess over, a person who’s moving away, or deal with an event that incurs loss as Venus squares Pluto. Honor that process but let poignancy turn the heart towards that which matters. Be brave and love anyway. Repair and progress as the Moon enters Virgo midday.

Venus square Pluto 12:02 AM, Moon sextile Mars 12:23 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:12 AM, Moon sextile Sun 4:35 AM, Moon enters Virgo 10:25 AM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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