Walking in My Spacesuit Through This Dream Called Life

I recall as a young kid looking at pictures in books of astronauts floating in space. I was amazed at the sight. With the successful launch of the SpaceX spacesuit, it was exciting to see the new spacesuits in action. As we know, the reason astronauts wear spacesuits is to protect and give them the ability to be in an environment that would otherwise not be suitable for human life. Without the spacesuit and oxygen, humans couldn’t visit or live in such a domain as the vacuum of space.

Similarly, if we really think about it, these human bodies are much like the spacesuits they use today. The human body-spacesuit is far more complex and amazing as it’s a bio-organic living machine. We as children of God in the form of individualized souls come down to earth to have a human experience. Without these organic spacesuits, we would be invisible and not be able to function on this plane.
Growing up, I had little idea about such things as spirit and body. When I first started yoga & meditation about 30 years ago, my teacher and Guru said “Yoga is the union of soul with spirit”. When I heard that, it opened my mind and heart to a higher yearning with regard to all things spiritual. I also recall sitting with a group of people at a church many years ago. I heard someone say “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”. That saying stuck with me as well and resonated as truth within my heart.

Looking at it from this new perspective, it gives one a sense of excitement, adventure and a strong desire to know more about God, this universe and our direct relation to it. We all come from the same place and eventually we return to our one origin in spirit. Wouldn’t you like to know the truth of your existence?

walking in my spacesuit through this dream called life

Looking at life as a spirit astronaut can give us a new and fresh perspective of life. Essentially, we are all explorers and curious in nature. We were put here to explore and find out the truth to this mystery called life. If we can realize this body is just a temporary spacesuit that we choose to experience life with while on this planet and within this galaxy and the billions of galaxies within our universe, it can give us a new perspective on life. We can have a new sense of freedom to explore the inner and outer mysteries that perplex most humans who don’t take the time to reflect about God and the true meaning of our existence.

Also, as spiritual explorers, if we can see this body spacesuit and this world in a new light, we can go about each day exploring and having fun in a more relaxed and peaceful nature, knowing that everything around us is God yearning to be acknowledged and enjoyed.
A great way to increase this joyful knowing is by Yoga meditation. In meditation, we learn to properly breathe, relax, detach and concentrate our mind through proven scientific yogic practices that have been practiced for millennia by the great saints and sages of India. In deep reflection, we can know and feel our true self as spirit and know our oneness with our heavenly creator whose nature is bliss-joy.

The more we practice and live from this state of detached bliss-joy, the more we can freely live as children of spirit and the happier we will be. When we are centered in spirit and not caught up in all the craziness of this dream world, we can live as God intended us to live in perfect peace, harmony, love and joy.


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